Problem with lights after installed head unit!!!!


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Hi, I have a major problem that i cannot solve over the past few days. I installed a Head Unit in a car where the head unit was missing from day 1. Anyway i put a 45WX4 Unit in and it blew the (tail light/ front panel fuse) When i replaced the fuse, i noticed that If i turn on the rear lights, the head unit shuts off. As soon as i turn off the lights, the head unit turns back on. Also if i unplug and plug the head unit in the power, the tail light fuse blows. Do you know why this is happening?? Any seen this before? The head unit works perfectly.
I am thinking about running a wire directly from the battery or maybe the cig lighter to power the head unit. Any Ideas?? thanks

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Go to a local shop and get it checked out. If you did everything right, see if another headunit works.

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Hey Kerry, you might've made a mistake with the wirings. Check all of them very carefully. I'll post the colour pairings for you to check.

yellow is ususally illumination
red is batt+ (memory)
orange is switched ignition.
power antenna is blue/white
remote is blue
black is ground
green is left pos
green/blk is left neg
white is right pos
white/blk is right neg

If a fuse blows, then it's a good sign that a wire is loose or shorting.

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Hmm thanks for the suggestions but i finally solved and fixed the problem. After testing wire by wire i discovered that when i turn the lights on, the ground wire for the audio system goes to 11.5 Volts or so. This is why the head unit would shut off each time i turn the lights on. I just split the Ground wire from the Cig Lighter and use that ground for the audio ground and it works perfectly now. I guess somehow the Ground from the audio and the wires for the lights were shorting each other. Thanks again.
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