Hey Glass, got a vehicle specific question.


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I was thinking of having my friend take his car to a shop to get all the stuff installed. Then I asked myself, why can't I do it myself? I know how, but the only thing I don't know how to do is take the car apart! I know you've been installing for a while, got any tips? Are there vehicle specific manuals/instructions on how to take the doors and the panels off? I appreciate all your help in advance, thanks.

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In my experiance, if you take your time and you are carefull you will not run into too many problems. Just keep in mind, if it feels like something is holding it (you missed a screw) you probably did. Look it over and go from there. As for a manual, most car part stores carry vehicle specific manuals for about 20 bucks. The go into almost everything you will need to pull.

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www.installdr.com is a help for a lot of people.
having the Chiltons and Haynes manuals in addition to the OEM service shop manual is a very good start for finding out how to take the car apart and put it all back together.
My other advice is use the right tool for the job when working on cars.
have tools like a door panel cotter pin puller and window crank pin remover if you need them. Have a good DMM, and/or a test light. Have the right screw driver sizes, a good socket set, a torx driver set, and so forth.
A decent service jack is handy too if you need to get under the car, along with jack stands and a creeper.
stuff like that.

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Thanks guys
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