How are Cuspid amps and subs?


James War
Just wondering

Hm...yeah...How are Cuspid speakers in General?

just about as good as pyramid and legacy. they are total crap. save your money and buy some real stuff. did you know that on ebay you can find some really good deals on JL w0 subwoofers? if i were you, i'd go with the w0s. screw the cuspid stuff, it will fall apart on you if you put any kind of power to it.

uncle jake
yea cuspid sux nuts is pure shyt its sux

are thump subwoofers good

DOnt get Thump,if your going budget get Lightning Audio,Profile,US amps,Lanzar,or Boss for your amp and get two Hyperpros off ebay for about $60 shipped.

omg, here we go again with someone recommending pyramid.

stay away from hyper pros, royal reds, or imperials, they are junk. i dont care how loud you think they are, or how much better they are than your friends expensive system, they are crap. period.

Like I said you can go with Hyperpros if you want to. Its how you install your equipment thats the key to good sound. Of course if your amp is crap your subs will sound like crap because they have no choice but to take the distorted signal theyre getting from the amp. If youre using a crap Head Unit, youre gonna get bad sound because its a bad signal being sent out from your Head Unit to your components and subs. Garbage in garbage out. Ive heard off brand subs that can keep up with Rockford and Alpine entry level subs. My setup is a Pioneer p6400 HU, Boss RIP 595 amp, 5 1/4 Audiobahn components, and two Reactor 700 watt twelves and I hit as clean as all the Rockford,Kenwood,Alpine setups Ive heard. Seriously.

i whant to know if i got a good deal on jl audio w7 i got 6 w7 for 500 off a friend and do they hit hard.

hey anon. you talk about others using a crap amp, and boss makes some of the crappiest amps i've ever heard and seen, and to compare them to alpine is completely stupid. rockford and kenwood are not all that impressive nowadays anyways, they have been subject to so many mergers and new owners that they are not nearly the quality that they used to be. rockford and kenwood have gone downhill and i would not buy one piece of their equipment at the moment, stick with jl, adire, earthquake, kicker, audiobahn, RE, DD, mtx(amps), alpine, stuff like that, and some of it is expensive, some of it is not, so dont try to tell me that you cant afford that type of stuff, so thats why u go for the crap sutff.

have fun

Derek youre saying Audiobahn and Mtx are good look atthe low end of their line. Their entry level subs are garbage. I had Alpine V12,Profile Baja series,Boss Ripper series, and Cuspid amps. The only garbage amp was the Cuspid amp. Stop trying to tell everybody whats going to sound good to them. If you had one bad experience with Pyramid or whoever it was, fine. Dont sit here and say its stupid to compare brands like Boss or Lightning to Alpine or Kicker because a lot of people have bad experiences with their products too. I have had hands-on exp. with many different brands, Ive heard budget systems sound amazing. Im not downing the big brands like JL and Kenwood and the rest of them but the same thing you big money we get for less. Almost every sub is made out of the same materials. Kevlar or poly cone and rubber surround. So what youre saying is garbage. If Pyramid is a Chevy and Rockford is Cadillac guess what? They both are made out of the same thing. You just pay more money. I know what Im doing with car audio Ive heard Orion,Rockford,and Alpine systems and my temporary setup sounds better than their expensive setup. ITS IN THE INSTALL. if you knew what you act like you knew everything about car audio you would know that right?

Derek I did some searching and guess what I found PICK YOUR FACE UP OFF THE GROUND BOY!;f=8;t=017260

yeah i replied to that post on the other one about pyramid.

and to the other anonymous. notice my post said mtx amps are good, nowhere did i say mtx subs were good, pay attention idiot. and if you think all those amps are good, good for you, im glad you can enjoy distortion and shitty sound. yes, most things can be made to sound good with the install, but having a sh*t amp(boss, cuspid, legacy, pyramid etc.. will not make a difference, it will still sound like sh*t. evidently you havent read my other posts on the pyramid section, as i have said, its all in the install, do your research before you start to criticize me or my electrical engineering and car audio install expertise.

and by the way, saying they are both made out of the same thing, is a completely wrong statement, some of the protection devices and components inside the crappy amps and subs which i have already named in my previous post are complete crap, have you ever taken an amp apart and compared it to a diamond, arc, jbl, jl amp? didnt think so.

so the lesson here is, most of it is in the install yes.

boss is crap. if you like it thats good for you, you stick with your opinion, i'll stick with my experience over the last 6 years working with systems and getting my EE degree.

ask GUY, if you argue with me, dont try to use small time examples of experts who make things sound good, i pick those things out.

just try not to argue, you will lose.. period.

(rockford is nowhere near cadillac btw)

i have had hands on experience with almost every major sub and amp brand(including boss, lightning, pyramid, legacy, etc.. I HAVE OWNED ALL OF THESE.)

and like i said, where are you shopping that you find these sh*t brands for so much less? you can find a budget JL system for 125-150 dollars. MTX amps on ebay range from 80-150. so im paying 25-30 dollars more than you and getting complete quality equipment and a good install, while you have sh*t equipment and a good install, which one will win? exactly.

put your money where your mouth is next time.

getting back to what the post was started for cuspids amps atleast the ones i saw were like 1600 watts max but are only 160 rms so there max are completely made up and arent worth anything.

Also im tired of all you itches bickering on here. theres always 2 sides . 1 people paying to much money on systems and other ppl that dont have the money in the first place .yinz just sound like lil kids.

lil scrapy
well f**k you all i got a complete top of the line system and didnt spend more than 1200 dollars on it my system includes 6 12 inch jl audio w7 with 6 2000 watt rockford fosgate amps ( chrome series )and 2 500 watt rockford fosgate amps for my 6x9 and my top of the line kenwood head unit that plays dvd's

Derek I.
lol, prolly jacked it.

lil scrapy
f*ck you derek i.

Derek I.
no thx, i dont swing that way ;)

mr. san diego
Looks like lil scrapy's mom only taught him two words since that's how he seems to start his sentences. Not good parenting at all. Why else would an intelligent, mature discussion about speakers and amps suddenly turn into immature name calling? With intelligence like that, he won't be doing any of the two words he speaks unless he ends up with a woman (or man)having the same trashy lack of intelligence.

Good one! Also notice that lil scrapy's posts were at 9:30pm and 11:30pm on a Saturday night. Nothing like spending a whole Saturday night in a forum right? I think that proves that his social life is non-existant. Luckily, I think women see right through him.

Also most women aren't attracted to "lil" guys!

Now let's get back to car audio talk!

So... Cuspid is crap? i was lookin on ebay and saw all this cuspid ish and i wanted to find out about it since i have never heard it before. also... i have a Kicker kx500.2 amp pushing 2 alpine type-R 12's and a Kenwood deck. i payed about $700 for it all, including amp kit and custom made box. this is my first system. what do you guys think? is it worth listening to and did i get ripped on the prices?

yes, cuspid is crap, why do you think you can get a 400 watt amp, 2 12 inch subs and an amp kit for 80 bucks?

i just wasted a hundred bucks then.. fYck

Cuspid amps are great. I never had any problems with them. I am running two 800 W amps and not even a glitch of any sort.

The amps suck, mine gave out after 2 months of no abuse. The only Cuspid product I have had luck with are the tweeters. They kick a$$ for $9 a pair. Real voice coil and all. Cuspid amp is being replaced by a nice Rockford that is on it's way.

drives a VTEC
People need to learn to understand that there is a reason that cuspid is so cheap, and look around, ask questions, and by god, whatever you do, don't ask someone at an audio store for help! (if you cant figure that out, i was being sarcastic, the first thing you should do is consult a professional) Personally I won't buy my system off of ebay for many reasons, 1 of which is misdirection, they often tell you the max power and how they were at "competitions". that doesn't mean they were placing or even competing, that just means they were at the location. Plus the max power is often nowhere near what the speakers can actually handle, try taking a third of the power and you may have the actual max power that you can safely push, sometimes... 2. You can't inspect the product yourself for flaws. 3. Shipping is not done by a professional audio company and are usually not sufficiently protected during shipping and the voice coils can be damaged by a rough trip. Take it or leave it, but my advice is to save your money, do your research and don't buy on impulse. I've made the mistake before, and it ended up costing more in the end than just saving and buying the high quality off the back.

thats why you have to be careful of who you buy from on ebay. i've bought items for 3 of my systems off of ebay. and i've not had 1 problem. i didnt have to worry about shipping because in both cases we met somewhere and exchanged item for cash. and usually, if you are buying from anyone with any kind of feedback, they will not rip you off and sell you something that is complete crap. i bought speakers off ebay, tweeters, and subs(met up to exchange) and not once have i had a problem. just make sure the person you are dealing with has over 100 feedback and you should be fine.

save money wherever you can, you wont regret it if you do your research and dont buy the first thing you see. if you do buy from an audio shop, never just buy it for the posted price, theres always room for negotiation(they are all on commission, i've been there) so if they wont bring the price down, take your business elsewhere, and make it very clear that you will do so if you do not get the price down(within reason of course)

good luck. and again, dont buy cuspid anything.

I bought cuspid amps and subs off of ebay and let me tell you they suck a@@. I unhooked em after i put them in they weren't even worth the dam money i paid for them. Sounded like sh@t and they weere worth about 10 dollars for 2 12's and 2 1600 watt amps.

i never tried the cuspid ..but i think tfor the price they are shyt...the best subs to go with are reactor car audio...they are the best subs ive ever heard...and they dont cost as much as audiobahn and cheap prices dont mean jsut cheap authoritiy thump subs are more expensive then reactors..and thumps blow... but reactors are worth every penny of it..

good thing i read this stuff, i saw the cuspid amp, screw that im not buyin it

I got the cuspid subs... $10 for a pair of 10" 550watt... For the price, I don't care if they only last a few months. I got a Rockford Fosgate 800W amp for $75, and am using a QLogic truck box... So far things sound great... I figure if the subs bomb out on me, I'll go get some nice Rockfords, or AudioBahn... How are the AudioBahn? A friend of mine has them, and they sound pretty good -- and they've lasted him 2 years so far...

I'm not looking to have the hardest-hitting system, just something that sounds good. So far I'm happy... Sound is what matters to me, and my system sounds MUCH better than others that have spent $1000+, and I stayed under $200...

i just bought 4 cuspid subs off of ebay for 35 bucks and they sound great. i think they are pretty good for the price i payed 4 them.

sh*t. i needed a new cheap amp to power my (2) 500watt RMS Orion subs so I bought a Cuspid AM-4501 600 watt as a temporary solution. I had an older pioneer amp i bought a while ago and it sounded great powering my subs and my 4 pioneer speakers. I hope this works alright until I can afford a real amp. I wish I would have researched first.

2 months ago i knew nothing about car audio.. my car was stolen and recovered and with the insurance money i decided to buy a system.. i got a good HU, a good box and subs at 700 watts a piece, and a cuspid xtreme 1600.. what a great deal i thought.. my speaks. thump with less intensity with the cupid '1600' then they do with my boy's 200 watt amp... lesson learned. i got a jbl 1200.1 on the way, and things should improve :) the cuspid is full of distortion as well as completely lacking in power.. the damned thing is supposed to handle 1600 watts but it has only one 15 fuse? the 1200 watt jbl is coming with 3 40's ...but hey the cuspid was $65 and the jbl is $220.. i wanted to save money.. well i would have saved money by not buying the cuspid in the first place.. sh*t maybe ill run my tweets off of it ;) nothing else needs to be said.. im not trying to talk sh*t.. if you bought a cuspid and you like it, great.. if you havent bought cuspid..PLEASE IN THE NAME OF GOD dont.

anonymous, you might want to check out the JBL 600.1 or 1200.1 monoblock's they are really good for the deal and can be had for less than $150 and $250 respectively on ebay ;)

Are Cuspid amps as bad as the ppl before said they are? I just bought one and now i am having second thoughts.

They aren't too bad, but the SQ isn't very good. They are o.k. powering sub's. If you can, I would recommend returning it for something else. The 1600 watt ones are very highly overrated. I have one of the AM-4501's 300 watt RMS X 2 chans (So it says). I had it into protect a few times while testing it out with the gain up high, but it still works. Paid $50 plus $15 shipping for it. I guess you get what you pay for.

what about the AM-4310 is that any good?

well, what is the size of the fuse? what is the amp rated at? what are you using it to power? obviously you are on a limited budget, are you planning on upgrading in the future?

to give you a better idea of what would be good for you, i'd need to have these questions answered first.

good luck

Right now i have a 1000W Pyramid running 2 12' Concepts and a 300W Jensen running 1 12' Kicker. The AM-4310 i just ordered off Ebay it is a Cuspid 1600W tht my friend said was a good amp, but you guys seem to beg to differ. On the auction it said it boomed and what not, so i figured to order it because it was only $46. I want it to run my Concepts, what do you think?

I noticed on the auctions there were a few different types of Cuspid w/ 1600W and nobody on this site has said a specific type of Cuspid, besides 1600W. So i was wondering what model was good or bad.

Thank you,

well, if you are running pyramid subs, you should be fine. you probably just want a little extra low end to add to your system so the amp should work alright for those concepts. im not a fan of cuspid, but if you arent looking to spend more than 100 dollars on an amp, it should work fine.

i got a xtreme by cuspid 1600 watts it is a 4 channel amp what do u think it is werth $100

You got ripped off pal.

I just got my 1600W amp. I hooked it up and there was no power adustment, only volume!!! I'm just glad I didnt pay THAT much, I got mine for $45. I just feel bad for whoever will buy it from the pawn shop. =)

well i got 4 12's and 2 1600 watt cuspid amps and they pound like no other

well i got 4 12's and 2 1600 watt cuspid amps and they pound like no other

what size fuse you put in? What type of 12's?

Unregistered guest
i bought 1 xtreme cuspid amp that pounds my 2 12 inch blaupunkts and yes these blaupunkts are better than boss. i just blew my 2 1000 watt boss amps. boss sucks and cuspid xtreme is good just plain cuspid sucks get the xtreme model

I have the Cuspid 1600 watt amp. ?I figured for 40 bucks it's worth trying, or scavenging for parts. I also have 4 Celestion G12T75's 12" speakers I put into a custom cab made to Marshall specs. (This is guitar stuff). So anyway, I wire the 16 ohm 12's (4 qty) to have a load of 4 ohms, and I soldered together some heavy gauge solid wire to some 1/4" ins and outs, and 1/4" fem-rca males. I bridged two of the four channels in the amp and hooked it to the speakers. I have a 7 string tuned aeadgbe so I get a good bass sound. DAMN it was loud. Anyone saying it sounds like sh*t or it distorts is full of it. I ended up taking it apart to see what I paid for, and there is hardly enything to it inside, so I'd estimate 600 watts total is a high estimate, but it still puts out some volume. Right now it drives 2 10" coustic bass pumps, and 2 6x9's, and it sounds b*tchin. Truthfully, do you guys say it sucks because you spent so much money on your name brand sh*t?

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I tried a cuspid amp powering subwoofers. I had the volume on about a medium level, the gain was down, and everytime hard bass came in, it would go into protect. The amp was 600watt RMS rated. The bass was really distorted too. I would not recommend anything cuspid. (Yes I only have had 1 cuspid amp, but based on reviews by others I am gonna go out on a limb and say all their products suck.)

i just got a couple of cuspid 500 watt subs and they are awesome!!!

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i feel like hurting you...just for saying cuspid subs are awesome

Unregistered guest
I bought one of those cuspid xtreme amps about 4 months ago. it still works fairly well for being inside the car, but i can barely hear a thing on the outside once you get out of about 50 ft. but it's good enough for a low and i mean low budget.
I have them running a couple of jl 10's and 2 no name 8" in a bandpass box. I don't know of any of you noticed but on the box of the cuspid 1600 amps it does say 80x2 rms which doesn't make much sense considering it's supposed to be 4 channel.....

Unregistered guest
this question is for someone who has a biased opinion and actually knows what their talking about.
How good is a boss rip amp really?
And has anyone had any experience with a visonik amp?

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both boss and visonik are crap.
cheaply made with low quality components and the price reflects that.

as for not being able to hear someone's car from fifty feet away, all I can say is.. THANK GOD.
Nobody else wants to hear your crappy music.. the sooner you realize this, the sooner you'll stop pissing off everybody else on the road, and the less we'll see TV news specials about road rage and some nice person killing some butthead punk who was driving around like a lunatic and irritating everybody with loud distorted music.

In all seriousness, here's some education for you.
The more you can hear the system outside of the car, the less you'll hear IN the car.
sound is energy. the more energy you waste outside of the car, the less you keep in the car.
If you want other people to hear you, then buy a megaphone or a PA system. Not a car audio system.
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