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Whats the easiest way to put an xbox in your car. with out the hassle of putting it in your trunk? I guess i need to ask where is a good place to mount it?


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Well you have quite a situation going on there. See the problem is the x-box is so much larger than other systems. I have my ps2 in the glovebox. It works perfect, but mostly because I removed the glovebox and custom fabicated one, so thats a possiblity. Also check out behind the center console, but usually thats pretty tight. Maybe under the passenger seat, but then again the x-box is so big. Maybe under the back seat, if you have one. Other than that, what I did when i was trying to figure out where to put my ps2, i just took the unit, sat in my car, and tried to stick it in different places (trial and error).
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Did you ever think about putting a m**ded xbox (starred that out because I'm not sure about the exact rules in this forum) in your trunk and buying a wireless controller so you can play games without worrying about cords and switch games without having to go to the trunk and physically change discs. Wireless controllers work really good at about 20 feet through walls so they should be fine 5 feet away in the trunk.

"Having an XBox installed in your car only makes driving that much


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kinda on the same topic, but i want to do the same thing as him, but im goign to use a power inverter and put a 22 inch tv combo/vcr, in my car, problem being i have a neon, where you you suggest putting it! lol

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with the x box. Take it apart and it is soooooooooooooo much smaller. Then you get longer ribbons, and put the cpu under your dash. Move the controler ports and put them anywhere. Like drill small holes in your dash or glove box. It takes some time and work. But it is worth it and looks good. But if you don't know what you are doing with a computer or game system. DON'T TRY IT. You can and will kill your box.

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i like that idea dlayton, im a computer nerd myself ill have to look into that

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Clayton, you just inspired me. I have been looking into this for a while and this is the best idea I have heard. The only problem is that I need a LCD display of some sort, possibly a Hip Gear Screen Pad, a controller with a 2.6" TFT LCD mounted on it. I need some opinions on the LCD though.

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I am thinking about throwing my xbox in my car. It is modded and I have a wireless controller. My question is how would I go about turning it on w/o opening my trunk every time? Also on that note, how would I turn the power inverter on as well, since I would like to install everything in the trunk.

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Yeah I'm having the same problem, with a 98 neon
Me and a buddy are workin on it, and we are considering putting it in the middle console under the armrest, putting vertical and cutting the end off the console so it sticks out, i think it will look pretty tight. He's good car interiors and sh*t and im good with electronics.

Clayton i dont follow what ur talking bout with putting the CPU (im guessing u mean the mother board) into the dash? and drilling holes for the ports? please go into further detail
thanx boys

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i thought about putting an original NES from 1985 in my car and doing what Clayton said, moving the switches and ports to the center console. power, reset and controllers are easy, but i can't figure out how to connect 2 of the 72 pin connectors to link the box to the dash. kinda like an 8 track, lol.
just cause i've never seen it done before. anyone else ever seen this done before?? know how to connect 2 72 pin connectors?? haven't gotten around to actually ordering 2 to look at them.

Is there anything beside power inveters you can use cause my car won't turn on a big iverter

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it will if you use a switch and run 10guage to the battery for power and ground the unit, and it allows you to turn on and off when needed...
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