Something went wrong after amp install


i just had a audiobahn 4 channel amp (A1004DP) professionally installed just a few days ago. Now im hearing extraneous noises I havent heard before and all FM radio stations are nothing but static most of the time.

The problem is when I turn the volume down i begin to hear a hissing noise...its kinda like when you turn up your home speakers and you arent playing any music. Well, when i turn up the volume, that annoying sound isnt there anymore. At normal and higher volumes, the sound is much better and clearer than when I was using my headunit. However, I hear that hissing sound again during the pauses between cd tracks.

Does anyone know what might be the problem? I think its the RCA cables. I didnt have that problem before the amp was installed. The rca are audiobahn and i paid like $10 for them on ebay.

The amp is wired to a panasonic headunit and to 4 6x9 infiniti ref.

Any suggestions are appreciated

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your prolly gettin 2 much power 2 ya speakers

speakers are rated at 100 rms 300 peak

Amp is putting out 100rms x 4 4 ohms

that should ok right?

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It could be your rca wires are picking up interferance. If the wine picks up as your engine rpm picks up, it is that or you ground. Make sure your rca wires are ran down a diffrent side of the car than the power wire and make sure your ground is to bear metal. Ok let me add something else here, I am not a fan of anything audiobahn. So if your ground is good, and your rca wires are on the ther side of your car. It could possiable be your amp.

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Hey the hissing sounds could be due to incorrect gain/level setting. Let's say your HU puts out 4v and you set the gain to 1v, you will hear the hissing sound during cd pause. The only way to get rid of it is to set the level properly.
As for JeremyC's comment, yes Audiobahn make some shitty amps but they also make good ones too. I personally bought A4125HCT and it works great. I don't know why people buy cheap models and expect high performance. So far I'm finding out that "HCT" models perform well. That is my experience. If anyone eles begs to differ, then please test the actual amp rather than post opinions.

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