Whats a good/great amp for an x.x.x ?


okay ive done the research and found that x.x.x subs come in dual 2 or 1 ohm or quad 2... not exactly wat i was hoping for... his excludes my zapco 750.2 idea because its a bridged 4 ohm load... all the 2ohm amps are out of the picture now like the xtant... and im trying to find a good reliable 1 ohm amp... ive heard multiple bad things about new rockfords but i was thnking about the t10001bd which is 1 ohm stable... also i was thinking of the us amps usa2000 because its 2 x 1000 at 1 ohm... what are your sugestions for a 1 ohm amp or how you would set this up.... oh and im looking to power 2 15s or 3 12s .... let me kno what ya think thanks alot guys

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