Amp as Paralell??? bridge???


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i bought a MTX 2ch amp, max power is 400w. and im running 2 10" 500w pyramid subs and i was woundering.. how do u paralell??? and how do u bridge?? which ones would sound louder???
can someone give me exactly how to do them???

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Hey Mikey, first of all you need to know whether the amp supports 2 ohms in bridged mode. Are your 2 10" subs DVC? If it is, connect each voice coil in parallel so that you'll end up with 2 ohms (plus terminal to plus terminal and same for minus). Then connect the speakers in Series, plus of one speaker to minus of another, then use the other ends plus and minus on the amp.
The above wiring is for 4 ohms bridged amp.
If your speakers are single voice coil, then just connect them in parallel (plus to plus, minus to minus). This will make it 2 ohms. Then connect them to the bridged amp. Your amp must support 2 ohms to use this mode.
Now for the amp, on most MTX amps, if you look under, there's a diagram showing how to operate in bridged mode. If you don't see it then look at the speaker terminals, it'll say left and right or bridged (it'll show one plus from one channel and one minus from another channel).
Use those 2 to connect your speakers.
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