Zapco 750.2 to a RE X.X.X ????? help


would a zapco 750.2 put enough into a RE x.x.x sub? im sure the zapco amp is pushing closer to 1000 watts but the rms of the x.x.x is 1600.... ive heard its possible to blow a sub by underpowering it.... is this possible? and how do you think it would sound? would it still slam extremely hard? ... let me know what ya know thanks

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1Kw is plenty for a triple X
you won't blow a sub by underpowering it.
what happens is people give a sub too little power, and because it won't hit too hard, they turn up the gain beyond where it should be to compensate.
that causes the amp to clip, and clipping kills subs.
as long as teh gain is set right, you won't damage teh sub.
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