Something went wrong after amp install


i just had a audiobahn 4 channel amp (A1004DP) professionally installed just a few days ago. Now im hearing extraneous noises I havent heard before and all FM radio stations are nothing but static most of the time.

The problem is when I turn the volume down i begin to hear a hissing noise...its kinda like when you turn up your home speakers and you arent playing any music. Well, when i turn up the volume, that annoying sound isnt there anymore. At normal and higher volumes, the sound is much better and clearer than when I was using my headunit. However, I hear that hissing sound again during the pauses between cd tracks.

Does anyone know what might be the problem? I think its the RCA cables. I didnt have that problem before the amp was installed. The rca are audiobahn and i paid like $10 for them on ebay.

The amp is wired to a panasonic headunit and to 4 6x9 infiniti ref.

Any suggestions are appreciated
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