Alpine 9831 Just shutting oF please help


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Just got my Infinity Components Pefect 6.1 along side with the MRV t320 amp . Ok had it cranked 22 out of 35 was listening ofr like 30 minuets during my drive stop car and go to store gget and back in 5 turn on car turn on deck NO SOUND no VOLUME no music coming outta my speakers none what so every i tried the PIC on OFf its uppose to be on ON. Ok later aroudn now 6 hrs later i went again to turn on car loaded cd no sound again waited 2 minutes and boom my music is back on could i be i overloaded it or somethign since the rears are still connnected to the deck and amplifying from it could it be i screwed it up stock are only 15Watts RMS. is the deck bad ? also at around 21 i hear a hear a lo ud sharp pickign noise like a scratch....any help be greatly appreciated.

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Hey Prajesh, who hooked up your HU and the amp? Maybe there's a problem with the wiring. A short could cause the unit to overheat and shut down. You might want to check the amp/HU for excessive heat.
If you enjoy listening to music at high volumes, try getting a second amp (4 channels) to power the front and rear speakers. That way the HU won't be overheating at high settings.
To isolate the problem, disconnect the amp and use the HU alone. See if it still gives you sharp picking noise at 21. If it does, then you have a problem with the HU. If it produces good quality, then the amp is causing the problem.
Do you have adequate power for the amp?

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ok with the deck i have a choice to turn off HU amp amplificationa nd only use external amps it still does pricking noise at 20+ . im just gonna take it to where i got it installed and see what they say. Im the one who installed the HU but when i took it to get amp and components installed the guy re-did my wiring so he basically re installed it. their is plent of power for the amp. 10 guage up to 200WATT RMS im onmly max using 160 RMS

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I have a 9835 and the option that you mentioned to turn of the internal amp only applies to the wired outputs of the HU, it does no affect the RCA outputs which I assume you would be using to provide source to you amp. You need to hook the speakers direct to the decks internal amp and see what it does, also it may be a breakdown in your RCA leads perhaps?

Might be worth checking these options out,

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