Amplifier shot?


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I bought an amplifier from a used electronics store and I have been having problems with it.

It is a Sony XM404EQX. This is my first time installing an amplifier. I connected everything and when I reconnected the battery the amp didn't power on. So I checked my wires, ground wire is on a piece of bare metal, remote wire to the power antenna of the HU. The voltmeter shows that the amp is receiving power at the amp terminals. My car battery is fairly new (2 months old).

The guy at the store told me he knew it was working, should i take it back? or am i doing something wrong still? I appreciate any help you can provide. Thank You!!

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Oh i forgot to ask, could it be the fuse in the amp? I am going to replace it and try again this weekend.

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man.. i'd take back the amp and get a diffrent one.. spend lil more and get like an MTX or Kicker.. sony sucks..

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try connecting your remote wire to the remote lead on your HU, it should be the blue wire.

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make sure you're getting 12VDC at the remote trigger of the amp as well.
check ground point for continuity
heck fuse the same way
if that all passes, the amp is bad.
sony makes very lousy car audio stuff.. their amps tend to die like this very often, which is why everyone is going to suggest you get a different amp.
just a heads up.
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