MMats P2.5 w/ RF 800.2


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Hey guys, i aint quite sure where to put this but here it is. I am a newbie to this, i just recently got my car and system so i need some info. I have a 98 altima with a Sony CDX-M630(kinda old), 2 MMATS 12" P2.5 which are enclosed a standar 12" box, and a RF 800.2 amp. now i JUST got these speakers like 2 days ago. i ahve blown already 6 speakers with this amp and i hope beacuse of the power. i do not want to blow these too and i also want the best and most bass out of it so here is where you guys come in for help if possible.

#1 My Configuration
First i have the settings on the HU set -3 bass and -3 sub which are settings it has. also i have the boost control on the amp set 2 1/4. now the gain on the amp i am not sure where it is set. the HU unit goes from -70 to 0 and i believe -18 is 3/4 and usually dont pass -30. also, the HPF set to 128hz, and LPF to 78hz. The voice coils are wired in series and then the speakers are wired in parallel.

#2 My HU
My HU has these settings to play with and i do not know what they are for. One is Dynamic Soundstage Organize or DSO 1,2,3. also it has HPF 78hz, 128hz & LPF 78hz, 128hz. and also preset eq7 like vocal, xplod, jazz etc. also there is the bass, treble, and sub. and also a 7 band equilizer.

#3 My Speakers and Box
I have two 12" MMats P2.5:
Re Voice Coil (Ohms) 2 x 4
Fs (Hz.) 24
Vas (Liters) 117.2
Qts .18
SPL (1W/1M) 89db
Power (Wrms) 400
Mounting Depth (inches) 6 1/4
Hole Diameter(inches) 11 1/16
Speaker Displacement (cuft.) .13

and the box is a normal standar box. its mdx 3/4" thick, but no specific measuremnts made.

Now i have read that the box the speakeres are in makes a BIG difference so i wonder if maybe i should buiild my own box? if i should how? with what? and what type? i would like to build it for SPL and i listen to alot of Rap and also some techno and trance.

Also for how long should i not raise up the volume and listen to it low for a while and what are the recommended listening level.

and the last question is how do i set up the HU so i can listen to it right? i would like to know if possible, the exact things for like the bass, treble, sub, and w/e.

i thank you guys in advance.

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BuMp...Any Suggestions??

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Any Help Here at all??

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are you breaking in your subs, like listening to lower volumes with gain at 1/4 for like a week or 2 I think it is.... I believe that it's possible to blow your speakers if you don't break them in before you push them hard, not totally sure though
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