10 or 12 inch premium versus average 15?


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I have a 15 inch Kove Armageddon, single voice coil, 4 ohm, powered by a Hifonics amp that is 500/1000/1500 4/2/1. The thing sounds okay but I listen to mostly 80s metal so I was wondering if I am better off with a smaller premium sub like a Brahma or RE triple X? How would a smaller yet better sub work for me? Just wondering as I really would like to get rid of the 15 inch box.......

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Come on any advice? Maybe I should put it this way, would a 10 inch Brahmna or RE triple x be better than my 15 inch now? Again I have a Hifonics mono amp that is 500/1000/1500 at 4 ohms, 2 and one. Would a one 10 inch "great sub" be better than the "ok" sub I have now??

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What size components do you have? If you've got 5 1/4's like I do I'd say going with a smaller sub would help in the midbass transition department. You'll lose a good deal of SPL going with one 10 but with that much power and a 15 I'd think you'd be severely overpowering your mids and highs as it is.

I listen to a lot of 80's rock myself(altho no metal) and like the way my 10w3's hit for that type of music.

As far as brand I'm the wrong person to ask but I'd think 1 or 2 10's or 1 12 might fit the bill for you. Definitely would save you some space.

Jonathan likes the IDmax's.


if you realli want 2 hit with very high spl and maintainin sq go with the re X.XX 12 or 10 for 405$ and i no wit the 15 X.x.xyoull hit 150+ so with the smaller ones mayb 140's and go with the sql box specs and youll b able to hit hit clean hit still higher than regular drivin spl levels
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