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i'm putting a sony explode into my '94 regal...if anyone has any information about this HU or car stereo would be much appreciated...particularly connecting the antenna wires for the radio hook up to the head unit

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Well its all pretty much color coded. You will have two hanresses. One to plug into the stock harness of the car and the other for the headunit. The either solder or crimp all the wires together by matching up color plug and play and you finished pretty much.

thx...lil more tho...there are two blue wires for on the stock harness and one on the HU harness labeled for the remote (which i don't have)...any ideas on what those two might be? P.S. there are 2 extra orange wires on the HU named illumination (no orange wires on stock harness)

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I don't know about the two blue wires from the stock, but the blue from the HU is to signal an amplifier to turn on or off when you turn your HU on or off. I suggest going to Bestbuy or Circuitcity for a harness. I've seen the at Walmart too. About 5-10 bucks, all problems solved. Good luck

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Yo what up? ya, i tried installing a head unit in my dad's car, a 1986 chevy celebrity, and well lets just say i messed some of the things on the dash up. I got the dash back together, but i cant seem to get it apart enough, when i had it apart, to take out the stock system and install my new head unit and then reinstall the dash. If anyone has any advise please help! thankx!!!

i need the color codes for the stereo on a 2000 mitsubishi mirage. i can't find it anywhere.

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on a sony the two blue wires are for power antenna, and remote trigger for amplifiers

1993-94 Buick Regal Stereo Information
Constant 12V+ Orange
Switched 12V+ Yellow
Ground Black
Illumination Gray
Dimmer Brown
Antenna Trigger Pink
Antenna Right Rear
Front Speakers 4" Dash
Left Front (+) Tan
Left Front (-) Gray
Right Front (+) Light Green
Right Front (-) Dark Green
Rear Speakers 6" x 9" Rear Deck
Left Rear (+) Brown
Left Rear (-) Yellow
Right Rear (+) Dark Blue
Right Rear (-) Light Blue


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me mum has a 98 honda crv and i am trying to install an alpine deck model (CDM-7823E) that my bro was given by a mate who upgraded and i have no idea which wire goes to which because all wires from the car go into a large plug and there are then small holes to insert wires.
a little help would be appreaciated

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Hi, I have a 1987 chevy celebrity. for the life of me I cannot get the stock stereo out. well let me say that I can't get the dash off. i took all the screws I could find out but it just won't move. Can someone please help me. Thanks!

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hi i want to wire up my sub to my cd player but i cant get the cd player out to do so. i have a peugeot 106 with a clarion DRB3376E cd player can you help please

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Just one question, where does the ground wire goes?
I have a 1992 Toyota Paseo.

Also, should I cut the wires already there to crimp them with the ones for the head unit??

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Does anyone know how to bypass the parking prake lock on the newer sony's? Where do I connect the illumination?
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