Connecting my iPod to my Sony head unit


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I went on a mission today to connect my new iPod to my Sony CDX-CA700X head unit. There are a couple of outputs and an input on the back of the unit. When I plug the unit in with a simple heaphone jack to RCA converter it doesn't work. I tried resetting the head unit, hoping that it would recognize the iPod to no avail. In the manual it gives vague instructions on how to use a CD/MD unit, and I figured it would work for any audio device. Please tell me that this is possible and that I don't have to get a FM transmitter for it!

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I tried the same thing. The Aux ins only recognize Sony changers so you have to use an FM transmitter or an adapter like the xm-300.

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I believe you have to get an extra bit of kit from sony. Its something like xa- 90. You might see that in your manual. it allows you to connect several changers or aux to the head unit. costs about £90! there must be a way of tricking the head unit though, its my mission to crack this also!!
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I have the same problem. I thought you could just connect through the RCA inputs in the back of the unit. has anyone found a way to make it work?

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I am having the same problem hooking up an XM Receiver to the Sony head unit. It just won't see what you have plugged into the RCA in. Let us know if anyone knows how to fix this problem!!!

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Sonofa Me too. I was speculating that plugging in a jack-to-nowhere in the MD i/o port may 'trick' the unit into thinking it had a valid MD unit attached. You rekon?

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I went to a car stereo place today after being assured that my iPOD could be hooked up to my Sony CDX-CA700x, but I was told otherwise after the guys checked out the unit. So, I've been sitting here at my computer ever since searching the web for a solution. I came across this page: and I'm praying that this is what I'm looking for. Please have a look and let me know what you all think. If the CDX-CA700X has a unilink port in the back, then I believe it's do-able.

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They seem to be selling it for $189. So.. for twice what the Sony piece costs you can get slightly less. (Well.. depends on how you feel about your stereo remote I guess. But it doesn't do unilink passthrough to CD/MD, it doesn't talk to laptops and other devices, etc...)
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