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How can you tell, with all the different people giving advice on the variations of installing car audio, which one knows what their talking about, and which one is blowing smoke?

Yeah that's what I used to wonder, however if you scroll down and see repeated names- briefly read what they have to say and see if what they say makes sense, and stick with the known names. The most obvious smoke blowers often have a hard time spelling words correctly as opposed to the true audiophiles.

good advice.
comparing advice to known facts helps, too.
I've written quite a bit about audio both home and auto, so I'm pretty good at picking out the posers, but that just comes with experience.
It is hard sometimes to tell, especially in open forums like this one.
The other two forums I post in or moderate for, are restricted to registered members, and contain professionals and industry reps in at least one of those forums, so if anyone is full of it, they get booted quickly by a mod, or the real pros. :)

best of luck.

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Could you give more detail on the other two more forums that you go to Glasswolf. I'm no electrical engineer, but I'd like to know more about car audio systems. I'm slowly starting to build a knowledge on them.

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