Subs with a shallow mounting depth???



i have a 4 door nissan frontier and i wanna put some subs in it.

i have some room behind the back seat that i can build a box to fit, but i would need some shallow mount depth subs to do it.

the box would only be able to hold a sub w/ a mounting depth of about 5" max.

are there some decent 10" out there that will fit in that small of a space? (only wanna spend bout $120 per sub, will spend more if i HAVE to)

Juggalo Jeff
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Yea for sure check out the pioneer premier sub at pioneers website i have the link but it doesnt work on here for some reason. Its not a 10 tho the sub has a mounting depth of 4" so it should be adequate. The model number is TS-SW124D

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look at RE 8" subs. cant imagine they have a depth deeper than 5" but email the customer service department and get the subs specs

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2076_4061_90400838%2C00.html, l/0,,2076_4061_90400838,00.html

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Wow, those things look like frisbees.

Crazy shallow mounting depth, but how do they sound?


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Thats one expensive frisbee Fishy...U got the money to get em.. and i'll play..LOL :-)

i like those earthquakes, but are they any good?

also is that 1.75" excursion the linear xmax???!!! or xmech?

where can i get a pair of the 12" earthquakes...that is if they are any good.
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