Is there any way to add an alternator to my truck??? Att. Gasswolf


a while ago you glasswolf told me i needed a 200 amp alternator for my amps to work right. the rms ratings on the amps are 500 and 600 watts at 4 ohms. i need to know if i can get another 100A alternator just like the one i have and put it on my truck?????

Is there any kind of mounting braket or something to do this with???
or will adding a second 100A alt. work???

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ideally, just get a replacement alternator in the 180-200A range.
you can mount two alternators in a vehicle but it's a LOT of work, and a lot of cost to do it.
Heck, I've seen custom jobs with as many as six alternators in the car... of course, the entire car was one big audio system, and little more.

long story short, don't bother with two alternators unless you have no other choice.
just get a larger one than you have now and replace the smaller one.

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now how much would a more powerful replacement altenator cost, like a guess...

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anywhere from $150-$1200.
depends on who makes it, the rating, if it's chromed for show, the type of car its going into, and so forth.
if you look around ebay, ya may find one for about $200-300 US
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