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I have a 46" Samsung LCD, digital cable and Toshiba HD DVD player. The sound on the TV was not sufficient, so I purchased a Samsung 5.1 surround sound. The receiver only plays DVDs up to 480, so I want to keep using my Toshiba DVD player. I have all of the necessary wires and cords (HDMI cables, Component Cables, etc) but I am not sure of the configuration to use.

The guy at Circuit City told me to use an HDMI cable on the "Out" of my Toshiba DVD player to the "In" on the Samsung receiver and then HDMI "out" to the TV to link them together. I've done this, but I cannot get cable TV reception or DVDs to play on the Toshiba. I can, however, watch only DVDs on the Samsung and the surround sound DOES work.

Can anyone tell me the appropriate configuration to make these two work jointly so that I can watch my DVDs on the HD DVD player? Thanks.

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Derrick, your HDMI hookup should work. You do have to select the "HDMI IN" input via the AUX button on the remote of the Sam 5.1 unit. I assume we can eliminate any HDMI output configuration issue on the Toshiba since it worked directly to the TV before the Samsung 5.1 unit was added.

You'll have to use the best hookup from the cable box directly to the TV, and then switch inputs on the TV depending on whether you're watching discs from either the Sam or Tos players, or the video output from the cable box. You can also hookup the red/white R/L audio outputs from the cable box into the stereo inputs on the Sam 5.1.

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Thanks guys. I actually had a friend who used to work at Circuit City come over. I had it hooked up right, but I wasn't using the "Aux" on the Samsung 5.1 to make it work.

Thanks for your help.
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