Kenwood KR808 =very low volume in rear speakers


We have an old Kenwood 8080 which is capable of 5.1 set up. We have this set up established but are getting very little volume from our rear speakers even though they are at thier max volume of 10. I have tried to lower the center speaker, which is now at 0, into the negatives, but as a result of that move we can't really hear the people talking...just all the background music and such. I am wondering if the revceiver does not have enough power to deliver to the rears? And to answer the obvious, I do not know the total outage this is supposed to have. I have not been able to find any info on this on the net. Any advice?

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There really shouldn't be a lot of information going to the the rear speakers unless the recording or the material calls for it.

You have to realize that the rear surrounds are there for ambience and effects. Unless you are listrening to material that is specifically designed to have all the speakers working simultaneously, then it is usually quiet.

How do you set up this unit? Are you using the test tones?

Do you still have the manual for this unit?

Hi Benny-
Yes, we have used test tones, all 5 speakers are working. We actually still have the manual after all these years...

I guess maybe what may be happening is when we go into sound rooms at best buy or fry's , we just really feel encompassed in SOUND...all around us. And at home it is all sound coming AT us from the front and center speakers. Maybe we were actually listening to a 6.1 or 7.1?

Our rear speakers are mounted in the back 2 corners of our living room, which is near where we sit. They are at the recommened 'ear level' while standing. Center speaker is on top of the TV, R & L are about 3 feet on either side odf the TV.

Can you suggest 'material' that is meant specifically for this set up, as you mentioned above?

Appreciate you time!

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If the test tones are present and the speakers are calibrated so that volume is the same all across,then you should be fine.

If you want to feel encompassed by sound all around, try setting your listening mode to "circle surround". Or play with the different surround modes on your Kenwood.
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