Any reviews for Yamaha YHT-360?


This 5.1 HTIB has been described as a replacement for the 6.1 YHT-450. I am trying to understand why a 6.1 is replaced by a 5.1. Have they discovered a new technique that makes the 6.1
irrelevant? There is more power and more connectivity in the 360.

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I have the YHT-360 and it sounds fantastic. The receiver has many connections available for HDTV, DVD, CD and other components. I was also able to hook up my old stereo speakers to make the system 7.1 speakers total. For the money, it's a great system and it's a Yamaha, which means high quality and exceptional performance.

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I bought the "Yamaha 720W 5.1-Ch. XM-Ready Home Theater System(YHT-360)" on tuesday(06/15/05) at Best Buy(because it was on sale), and I have only had it for one day and I have to say I am really impressed with this home theater system that is compared to my ten(10) year old(if not older) 2-channel(only 2 speakers) Sony stereo receiver.
It took a few hours to get it kooked-up and set-up properly and to understand all the different settings and sound effects, there are so many different settings which all really do make up and have different sound effects to them that it will take more time(days and/or weeks) to decide on which I like better.
One thing that I have already noticed is that each of the different sound effects works/sounds differently with different types of movies, like space movies(Star Wars/Star Trek) have a setting(s) that works(sound) with those types of movies but the same setting does not work(sound) right with a comedy or a drama type movie(s).
Watching any of the Matrix movies or any of the Star Wars movies or any movie for that matter sound great on this home theater system, I really can't believe my ears because it sounds like I am in a movie theather which I should know because I go to the movies atleast once per week.
I think for the price(around $400.00) it is for sure worth it.
I would say on a one(1) through five(5) rating scale I would give this "Yamaha 720W 5.1-Ch. XM-Ready Home Theater System(YHT-360)": 4.75 rating out of a 5 rating.


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I have a YHT-360 system from BestBuy. I found it great, but I have one problem: The reciever has DTS decoder, but when I play any DVD with audio output set to DTS, I get no sound. My DVD input setting is set to AUTO and I use optical cable to connect it to my DVD player. The player itself has no DTS decoder, but that shouldn't matter becuase the receiver is supposed to do all the work. Otherwise, the system is great value for the money, the speakers boxes are wooden, not plastic, front speakers have bass reflex, and overall the listening experience is great. Buy the way, Coolbeans, how did you set the system to be 7.1? It has A/B connections for another set of stereo speakers, but from what I understood, the receiver is 5.1.

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Sorry for the late reply.
Make sure that you set the speakers parameter to 5spk through the basic set-up menu, and not all movies/dvds will work on the auto setting so the ones to do not work on auto set the input setting to matrix.
This is something that I had noticed to, and at first I could not figure out why until I emailed Yamaha and the email they sent back had explained the differences of the auto and matix settings worked.
Hope this helps.


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