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Hi, I have my first home theatre and it is a JVC RT2380.
As you can see at this link 665000FS10046188&catid=&newdeptid=10

it says it supports Dolby Digital Surround sound. However, even with DVD's it never lights up the back two surround speakers on the receiver display, even though there is sound coming from them.
I am using the red and white component inputs.
When I do the sound test I do get sound isolated across all 5 speakers separately.
Shouldnt those rear speakers be lit up in the display?
Thanks for your help.

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The red and white plugs are stereo only, hence two channel, left and right. So you would be getting 5 channel surround sound. Not true DD or DTS, but somehting similar.

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I dont know if the display i am talking about is standard or not. But if I am getting 5 channel surround sound then shouldnt the RS and LS and SW display items be lit up on the display?
Please excuse me if my questions are naive.
The only way I get them to light up is when I do the test.

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You cannot use the standard red and white outputs for dolby digital sources. You'll end up playing in regular two channel dolby pro logic if you do.

You need either a coaxial or optical-out port on your DVD player and use that to connect to the respective input on your receiver to play in dolby digital format. You also will need to go into your DVD player menu and properly set the output to dolby digital.

If you have the digital coaxial output, you can plug one of your RCAs plugs from the coaxial-out into your receiver and it will work in 5 channel surround.

It's probably a cheaply made cord so the sound might not be as good, but it will work. There are entire threads on that topic alone. Whether it's worth the money to buy an expensive digital coaxial cable or use a cheaply made RCA for the connection.........that's a hot topic because many say the RCA sounds just as good as a connector.

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