Onkyo HTS-770 no sound on power on until I toggle


Hi everyone,

I wanted to see if anyone else is experiencing the same symptoms I am with the 770. It sounds fine, but at power up, there's never any sound regardless of whether I'm watching tv, dvd, radio, cd, etc. I have to toggle the surround settings (scroll through PL Movie, Music, Game, Neo Cinema, Music, etc.) before the sound comes on. As if I have to stimulate the receiver to turn on first. Is there any sort of warm up or waking up process I should be familiar with?

Hey...just wanted to chime in that I am having the same problem with a newly purchased 770. I power it up, and get no sound until a switch to another input (say, Video 2) then switch back to my main input for TV (Video 1). As a temporary fix, I created a "power on" macro which switches inputs when everything gets turned on, but its an annoyance. It appears to be happen most often on "cold starts" when the receiver has been on standby for a long time. After you get sound by switching inputs if your power it off and on again right away you will get sound. Are we alone in this or does anybody have any ideas?

I am having the same problem with my 760 setup, or I should say that was the beginning of the problem. Not only do I have to cycle the inputs to get it going, now, after an hour or so of playing, the sound goes dead, shut it off, and back on, and it will come back on again for about an hour. After two or three cycles, it will stay on.
I have been researching this on different websites, and it seems to be a fairly widespread problem, that is even occuring with some of their higher end receivers, the sad part is, Onkyo is not acknowledging the problem.

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I experienced this a few times but only saw it when connected via composite audio inputs. With digital inputs, I didn't really notice this problem. Can anyone see if optical inputs are affected as well?

Yes, I have it with digital, as well as analogue inputs, also with the FM tuner. It seems though, that cycling through the digital inputs will bring it back to life a little quicker.

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Try disconnecting all speakers except for your mains.

Could be the protection circuits are picking up on something they don't like.
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