Alpine M650 Amp (buyer didn't show up)


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ok here is what happened. after i got his email saying he wanted to buy the amp. we set talked and we set where and when we'd meet. but he never showed up and wouldn't reply to my email anymore and its been almost 2 weeks now.

many of u prolly know about me selling this amp. earlier i said it was sold, but i still have it :-(

so i am selling Alpine MRP-M650, 600W @ 2ohm, 400W @ 4ohm, monoblock.

i opened the box but never installed it. it is NEW!

i am asking $150 + shipping, or local pickup

i live in denton, tx 76210.

just email me at

when u email me, plz attatch ur phone # that i can call u at anytime. i'd prefer local pickup, but i will ship it to u as well. its ready to be shipped, just need to send it out.

thanks again for reading.

i really need this gone

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Damn, that sucks. I hate when people do lame sh1t like that with deals.

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i know... so i even emailed him again. i said like tell me if u changed ur mind, idc if u did, just lmk so i don't have to wait for an answer thats never coming and i can relist it reo sumthing. but he still hasn't responded. so here i am trying to sell it again...

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That's fucked up. When you're selling something and ppl show interest it's one thing. When they commit and back down later it's a mark against their credit if you ask me. You lost interest from other potential buyers because they all thought the deal was over. You're left with the sh1t sandwich.

I hate it when ppl ask: "can you hold onto it for like 2 weeks. I'll have the $$ then."

You never hear from them.

Some ppl just don't know how important it is to keep your word. Even on the internet.

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thats true^^^

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anyone??? still selling!!
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