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Hi guys, I'm selling my RC18T with many upgrades because I no longer really use it and I can use the extra cash. This RC18T has a brushless Mamba Motor and speed control(Cost about $120-130), aluminum Associated suspension arms, pressure fitting mod done to the outdrive cups, aluminum shocks, 2 extra bodies aside from the stock one and a set of brand new wheels and tires(Recommended for street use only) but I'll still give you the rims and tires that are mounted onto the vehicle(These tires aren't very true so off-road use only recommended). I'm also including an AC/DC Li-po charger and Venom Li-po 3cell battery pack(11.1 volts). This car is extremely fast and should do between 55-60, it launches like a rocket and leaves most other cars in the dust(Even 1/8th scale buggies get smoked). This is not a brand new RC18T it has it's flaws here and there mostly minor scrapes and dings but it still drives just fine. I'm asking $275 plus $12 shipping.
THIS IS NOT A TOY, if you're not responsible then this is not for you as you'll crash and destroy it in seconds.

The price I'm asking is beyond fair for this thing and the investment into it breaks down like this:

RC18T RTR base: $170
Mamba Motor and Speed control: $120
Lipo AC/DC Charger and Venom 3cell battery: $100
Aluminum suspension Arms:$25
Lunsford titanium turnbuckes: $46
Extra set of HPI wheels and tires: $30(I was conservative on this price)
3 Bodies total(2 truck and 1 buggy): $60(Painting these is time consuming and paint isn't cheap.
Comes with standard 2channel radio.

That totals $551 and that's conservative pricing on everything, there's a lot of work and time also invested into this RC18T and you won't find one as fast or upgraded for the money. Again I'm asking $275 plus $12 shipping, that's an insane deal.

Here is a link to pictures of the truck:


The blue body in the pictures is NOT included in this sale. The paint chipped off of it at my local track so I'm tossing the blue body. Comes with RC18T manual and 2channel radio manual. I'll have more pictures posted later on in the day.

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Will you consider any trades?
I've been wanting another electric, i'm tired of dealing with gas/tuning.

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Zac, you probably don't realize it but that thing is a baby.It's 1/18th scale. It's about 9 inches long. I'll bring it by one of these days and we'll see if you want it or not if it doesn't sell on the 3 places I have it posted on too soon but I would consider trades, what do you want to trade for? Store credit or what? Here's a link that shows a few trucks for size comparison, just scroll down a bit:


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Dude that thing is badass, i want it :D

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Well, like I said it's the best deal you'll find out there. I just realized how g@y that table cloth was in those pictures lol. I'm glad I ruined it when I was making a custom battery mount for my other R/C race truck,melted chunks of plastic flew on it and burned it lol, now that thing is sooo sick I can't wait to hit up the track Thursday. Zac just let me know what you wanna give me for it. That price is very low already but I don't expect to get anywhere near what I have into it. I also forgot about the wheel adapters that cost 15 bucks that are on it! I should charge more now!
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