Trolling at Dept. store.


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While my wife was shopping, I decided to do a little Trolling. I got a cart and began to fill it. This was my list.
Shovel, ax, 2 rolls of duct tape, rope, gallon of bleach, three rolls of paper towels, box of rubber gloves, pair of leather gloves. condums, and finally, 5 condolence greeting cards. I then left it in the women's delicates area where I could view it from the coffee shop there.
At least 5 different women looked at it, made weird faces and walked off.
My wife finally finished shopping so we left.
So much more fun then leaving carts full of oxy clean and cotton balls laying around.

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Now THAT I have to try!!!


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LMAO that is great.

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Priceless lmao

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I was in my local Walmart recently and to tell you the truth, with ^^^ that stunt, most wouldn't even question the contents lol.

They would mostly be like: "Hey Milton, we gots a cart full of bargains over here!".

Without stretching the truth there are some FUNNY azz peeps in Walmart. Patrons and employees!

I once saw a handicapped patron ask a midget employee to get something off a shelf they both couldn't reach.

My son and I were on the floor.....Upload

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I apologize to those who may be handicapped.

Or a midget.

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Here ya go Paul,enjoy!
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