Brazil v. Portugal yesterday


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I watched the Braztil v. Portugal yesterday. Although Brazil seemed to have the upper hand (and they kept the ball to themselves and in the Portuguese half of the field most of the time) their overall play was much less impressive. I hope they do better next time. They seemed to have lost focus and were passing laterally most of the time at half line! The passing, at first impressive, seemed as if they forgot that they have to kick and proceed ahead to the opponents' goal!

Just my 2 cents worth.

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Very much true naydas.
I call it,A boring game. No action at all.
nydas, I heard the soccer balls are defective and not meeting the FIFA standard. The movements of the soccer balls in the air aren't meeting the expectation of the players. Strange !

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I don't watch soccer much. I was disappointed in Brazil. In fairness to the team, there may be a reason why they wanted a draw. I don't not know the calculations behind all this.
I certainly have no comments on the balls. If they are defective they should correct the situation immediately.

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they played with the second team, no the regulars players,(Brazil)
Next game will be nobody want PK,
Now every team just want be on the next round.
.The ball is a little smaller,more lighter and the material bounce fasters, maybe polyurethane I
Like waboba ball, buoyancy and weight so that its like bounces on water ... kinda like skipping a stone. Good for play bounce-catch, sharpen your reflexes,>>> Jubilane>>>
Soccer no has second chance.
Mistakes remain for ever. maybe that is why its so popular.
No appeals.,repeat nor excuses.

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kaka and elano were not playing thats why was no good , but next game would be eaxcellent for brazil , i dont beleive in portugal team they are just lucky so far .
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