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Got $25 million upfront and will get 15% of the gross ticket sales for Bruno. It opened Wednesday in Australia and did $1.4 million which is the third highest daily opening ever. Gonna be huge with all the annoying ads they have everywhere. Borat did $261 million worldwide and this one could do $400+. If that happens, Cohen will pocket $85 million and that's not even counting HBO and DVD/Blu Ray.
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Although I wasn't a fan of Borat the hotel scene was halarious.

I guess weird pays in today's world.

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I cant stand anything that douche bag does. He is way overrated and IMO he isnt funny at all.

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I thought borat sucked and couldnt watch the hole thing. I wont go pay to see this movie either just wait till it comes out.

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is that mtv awards Tbagging Em in the movie? I think that was the only funny thing ive ever seen him do.

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I saw it last night and it was the time lol

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i thought Borat was flucking hilarious. not because of Borat, but because of the reactions the people around him had. That is why he does these movies, to poke fun of Americans and their prejudices against foreigner, gays, it getting any clearer?


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yeah Bruno I think was more to expose people's true nature, though not hilarious, much more tolerable than Borat. That movie was not funny in any way.

HBO Ali G specials, hilarious.

Jean Girard, lol.

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never heard of this bruno guy b4 this movie - havent seen it yet too

IMHO borat was more amusing than funny ...i didnt care much 4 it so i doubt this will do much 4 my taste ....
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