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I have taken my share of abuse on this forum and complained when I felt it necessary. However, I have now been threatened by Tawaun A. Williams for the second time. Obviously there is nothing this man can do to me physically. But, I believe the rules of the forum should keep this sort of behaviour from occurring. If you read the thread you find I am not the only individual Tawaun has declared an enemy, just the one he is most vocal toward and violent in his reactions. There are serious problems brewing in my opinion.

Please take some action regarding Tawaun as his outbursts have continually disrupted threads for no good reason.

Tawaun A.Williams
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Posted on Monday, July 25, 2005 - 02:50 am:

"Jan man or women, Its always been obvious what I think of you and your stupid threads,its amazing that people even listen to you.Now I have told you once dont try to communicate with me I dont like you and I dont value any of your redundant opinions.So you can push your way up to 5000 posts on talking about crap like you always do,you little Pr1ck,your lucky I dont live anywhere near Dallas you would be scared and shaking in your little high heel boots like the little girl that you are.Sorry everyone I just had to say that knowone likes being called stupid especially by someone who doesent even know you,now I think that really goes up higher on the stupid meter.I will not make this another word slugfest,so you guys have fun, Jan you only have a few more times to insult me and it wont be about words,I promise you that."

Administrator, I leave this matter in your hands.


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