Here is my opinion of dish network and all the other dish companies, please read


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here is my opinion of dish network and all of the other dish companies:

there is nothing that the dish companies can't do. They can ecm any recievers they want, the newer high end recievers will be attacked with ecms soon enough. Charlie first wants people to think that the higher end recievers are "ecm proof" like everyone thought of the 7100/7200. They shot the dps for 2 reasons: they were no longer tied with microsoft, and charlie didnt want to mess with bill gates by ecming the 7100/7200, because if charlie did that, microsoft would loose web tv customers. Another reason for the attack was because the newer high end recievers were released, and many hackers like us were buying the cheaper bulletproof 7100/7200s. Now since these are knocked out people will be spending more money to either get them fixed or buy one of their new high end recievers which are supposly "bullet proof". Charlie is just thinking of new ways of making money.

Charlie and all the other satellite companies are propably all in on all of the not legit equipment. Im positive that the sat companies get a percentage of the profit from all the not legit equipment. Otherwise all of the websites would have been shut down a while ago by charlie and all the other companies. Charlie helps to release something new, then while the sales are going up, they wont ecm the new equipment, when sales start dropping thats when it is ecmed. An example is the new "ecm proof" Magic card. That thing is gonna get hit with ecms soon enough. The sat companies just kick back and laugh at us while we are getting pissed off and wasting money.

I don't know about you guys, but for now i havent really saved that much money getting "free tv" from charlie. I spent well over $1,400 on equipment, recievers, lnbs, cards, programmers, and so on this year. If you calculate it, it will pretty much come out to the same price as having a legit service with them.

I highly promote and am very into hacking charlie, and i hope to find ways to get lower $$ for digital cable. I think that the sat and cable companies, expecially the cable companies charge too much for tv. And the prices tend to keep rising.

I am still hopping to find a free way to fix my dp7100, if anyone hears any new information on how to fix this without taking out the tsop, or getting it shipped out, please respond.

Please feel free to comment on my statements.

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