Sada/Nalin what is private and public server?


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Hi Sada or Nalin

What is public or private server? what is the difference between them? what is the status of the NFPS and what is the current price to pay for one year and is it really going to work for 1 year me and my six friends were about to buy dreambox 500 but we did not because of this big hit to NFPS.

One more question about receiver dreambox500 how to setup by ourselves for NFPS if we are thinking to buy. Please reply ASAP

thanks in advance

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Public Server usually is serving one receiver or one briand - an arrangment made by the seller of the receivers. It is usually free and available to all who own that receiver and the connecting hardware called dongle.
Private server often services many brands, and is only available by subscription _ $20 per month to as low as $16 per year.
Currently there is very little available on Public servers.
There is some stuff available on Private servers, and it keeps on changing.

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Ptivate servers are just that PRIVATE

Advertized PAY SERVER is public but you pay a fee.

public is public NO FEE.

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smoko they are working on their sever make it stable again..
it will be within few days ..
i will keep u posted..

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Hey guys, thanks to the clarification as I had the same question. I currently have a VS Ultra and I'm thinkin of gettin the WF.
is VS WF supported by a public or private server ? In other words, any fee ?

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good pirating work guys

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Thank you!

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we're welcome

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