Should I buy Nfusion... (SADA or Nalin PLZ HELP)


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I am asking specifically asking sada because I have read countless threads in which he has mentioned about NFusion...
I have a high speed internet with 7 Mbps speed... Fta satellite is getting on my nerves because my BEV IS not working and there are only 2-3 indian channels working... so I want to Buy a Nfusion...
I want to ask if with a 7Mbps speed is the Nfusion going to work well... and I also want to ask if all the BEV and DN channels are working.(p..s if not all of the channels are working can you tell me which ones are and which ones arent) is this a good time to buy a Nfusion... I dont mind the cost.... I am a noob so bear with mme...

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bobby joe first of all which channels are u looking for
basic english channel
sprots like cricket
ppv, po&rn,
international on dn
international on bev

well if are looking for english channels on 91 degree west, nfusion has way more channel available than other stb, now the channel list i posted is same if u wan't i can search here and post again,
now with international if u are interested in,
nfusion is up on some internetional (b4u ,atn are not working) other channels like ary,ndtv, cbn are working ..
no ppvs and p*o*n are working on bev and dn, on nfusion or any other stb,
i hope u also read my k1plus thread,'
k1plus is up on dn indian channel, only few channels on bev..
as u know the lots of people switched to nfusion, so they have server problems here and there,
remeber nothing stays for ever and nohing is 100%,
we are gettting those channels for free.
ur internet should be good.

check my other thread...
so let me know what are u interested then we go from there..

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I am looking for Cartoon CHannels , and sports , PPV movie channels, and english channels.... on 83w and on 61.5 I am looking for south asian channels...

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well bobby what i suggest is wait another few weeks and see which one get's more channel either k1plus or nfusion, and then go it from there,
right now nfusion had 70-80% bev (if u exclude ppv, po8rn)..
k1plus has almost 8-10 indian channels..they don't have a lot of bev channels..

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well the question is , will internationals stay on k1plus on nfusion ? what if I buy k1plus today and N3 cahnnels are gone tommorow. is our investment on either k1plus or nfusion safe/long lasting?

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NFusion team have not delivered an update since 23rd february, it will be more judicious to wait.

Maybe the pyro team will leave for another box ?

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I agree with Mr Sada nothing stays forever and nothing is 100 %.
It is like gambling.
It is worth taking risk.
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