Nfusion in Canada


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"At 8:25 pm 31 Mar an extreme reliable source watched the Digital store in Newmarket Ontario, as XXXX, (Digital) a male in a dark blue suit talked and appeared to be signing documents as two younger guys, disconnected several pieces of electronic equipment boxed them and then moved them into the vehicles a Budget rental cube van and a dark sedan at the rear of the store.

The Digital stores, (6 locations), all closed suddenly yesterday, and the nFusion server for B3V went black.

For those who don't know XXXX, (digital) is the Canadian distributor for nFusion and as also nFusion Canada.

There were also two other dealers "visited" yesterday in the Toronto area. Maxx Electronics and RTC Electronics. Again equipment was removed and the MAXX website now lists NO products available under the NEOsat, nFusion and Captain brands. These two dealers are affiliated and their "raids" were for a different reason although MAXX was well known for selling nFusion clones.

This is NOT good news.

Also two well known forums have disappeared form the web in the last 24 hours one is completely gone and the other shows a white page with the message

database maintenance in progress."

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doreen which forum? is back up..
nova is up and down...

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check out the link thats all i can give ya

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He was served.

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Even an Anton Pillar order is not an arrest or that you have done anything wrong.
It only means this:
The plaintiff (complainant) has some need for evidence, and convinces a judge that he should issue a search order without the defendant having a chance to know that he will be searched. It is called an Ex Parte application, and the order if issued is an Ex Parte Order.

THAT'S ALL. It is up to the Plaintiff to take the case further with an Inter Parte Application or an Originating Notice. Otherwise it ends there.

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i'm just posting whats in the news Nalin

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