Tonight, tomorrow or BOTH :-(


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So folks...whats it gonna be... tonight we get the ECM for the UFC... tomorrow we get the ECM for the superbowl... or both??? i know imma be stuck to the tv to see if we make it thru the 4pm-7:01pm area tonight...


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you prob just jinxed it...why would you ask such a stupid question. Wait and see like the rest of us...retard.

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Why would you care about the superbowl if they hit it as you can watch that on regular cable or antenna.This is not a blacked out event.

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History has showed that Superbowls get the blackouts.... History has also showed there is normally only 1 ECM per weekend.... if you believe that my comments somehow effect the outcome.. your about as retarded as they come....
Either way ill be watching both events... just wanted to see what the rest of yall think..

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i've owned a vs ultra since sept 07. There has only been 1 ufc that was blacked out which was in Dec 07. And I know for a fact the last yrs superbowl was not blacked out cause I live in canada and I got to watch all the commercials which I couldn't do without the satellite.. there you go.

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I don't remember 1 Superbowl blacked out with FTA ever...not in past 5 years, at least..

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I doubt if there will be a ECM at all.

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If Jannet is perforiming then there will be no blackout.

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LOL Jannet Hahaha

Last year the SuperBowl was up.
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