Missing Channel 6150 - ZGUJU - 61.5 bird


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I am now getting no signal/scramble channel for channel 6150 - ZGUJU - formerly was 623 ZGUJU on 61. bird.

Can anyone tell me how to make this channel work again ?

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Zee Gujarati can be found only
on Anik F3 @ 118.75*W (tp22) Freq.
12033 H Channel 623.

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For current list of Indo-Pakistani channels on DN:


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Is it impossible to receive ZGUJU on 61.5 ?

I don't know how much trouble it will be to get another dish installed.... I already have 2.

I do have a dp-34 switch already installed in my current setup.... so, with this dp-34 already in place, can I simply get someone to install a 118 dish on my roof and I'm good to go? Or is there additional setup?

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As far as I can make out, ZGUJ is definitely off the list at Echo 3(61.5W).
The "cheaper" solution is to have a 33" Dish (about $45-60) and a CB2008A OR SIMILAR LNB (About $20-25). These LNBs have two outputs for two receivers. Unfortunately the ones I have seen are ALL incompatible with DP34. (Somebody please correct me if I am wrong.)
Check this URL:

I do not know why you have a DP34 switch. If it is because of the types of LNB(s) you have, then you will have to buy a DN special LNB. This is somewhat different, as it has two outputs - one for 118 and one for 119, and costs about $100. With this LNB you do not need outputs for second receiver as your DP34 will take care of the additional receivers you might have.
Check the following two documents for the DN provided LNBs.

DP 500+.doc (47.1 k)

DP 1000+.doc (66.0 k)

You might want to check out something called DN repointing kit. You must also remember the weakness of DP34 with FTA receivers - you may need to add an old DN receiver to Port 1 output of your DP34 to power the whole setup.

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Nalin - I have DP-34 b/c I have 2 sats on the roof and getting 3 signals.. 119, 110 and 61.5

I have a dish500 (110,110) with dual lnb and a regular circular sat (61.5) with basic twin lnb.

So, for the cheaper solution, I'm thinking I will just buy the SAME TYPE of LNB I have for my 61.5 sat...b/c that one works fine with my current DP-34.

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I have answered you elsewhere and answered others a dozen times, that you need a 30-33" Dish for 118.7. and that generic LNBs such as CB2800A are excellent but will not work with DP34 switch.
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