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Ariza 700 Dead


i think that we don't even need the ariza 700 Discussions and files area in ftatalk anymore. Because ariza is dead without mingo, and most of the ariza 700 users moved on . I was waiting for awhile and i just gave up and bought a new reciever and its working great.

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[link removed]
[link removed] - VIEWSATS and ?Sonicview

[link removed] - C00LSATS

[link removed] - CaptiveWorks.

[link removed] - Ariza and Pansat Conversions

[link removed] - Nfusion

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I try to Jtag ariza to pansat today but can'nt. when i start there is so many error.
i try with wall and skymax.

any body know about it.

if i found step by step with picture should be fine.

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Ariza 700 to vortex_2700_Jtag_conversion

Step 1

Hook the receiver to the computer thru a jtag cable.
Turn the receiver on.
Start the Wall.

Now in the wall, on the Serial Number line you should have something like R429*******, if there is a number there you should
be able to fix the receiver.

Click on Refresh Items.
Leave the Wall running, go to step 2

Step 2

Start Unlock Program.
On IRD Model drop down choose The 2m setting
Click on Flash Programming.
Just as soon as the Pop Up screen appears click OK.
Click on erase 3 times. Leave this progam running also.
Got to step 3

Step 3

Open Folder Jkeys for erasing and writing
Start Jkeys Program.
On IRD Model drop down choose The 2m setting
Click on Flash Programming.
Just as soon as the Pop Up screen appears click OK.
Click on erase 3 times. You will be able to tell if it is going to take, it will slow count by sectors in the lower left corner
Click on Program and in the pop up choose the VorteX 2700 Factory Flash - Full file.
When complete turn the receiver off with the switch in the back and disconnect the jtag cable.
Turn the receiver on and it should come on. LED will display 8888.

ariza 700 to Vortex2700Bootupgrade

1.Vortex b75 boot upgrade needed to accept new version software version ariza 700 to vortex 2700
2.Connect RS232 null modem cable between PC and the receiver.
3.Open new VortexPro-X-87VX-B75 DownLoader .
4.Click BIN File and open "Vortex_2700A(boot75)_(07)0310" new boot file.
5.Turn the receiver power "ON" and click download and wait until "Download Completed OK" appears.
Front LED will display moving 8 left to right if upgrade succeeded.
6.Open new bin file matching with VorteX_87VX_070311_B75_2000 version (Any vortex version dated on or after Mar 13, 2007)
and click download. Wait until "Download Completed OK" appears. Front LED will display "8888 or any channel number after
8888 shows shortly if download succeeded. It's ok to see 8888 LED display, what's inside that counts.
7.Repeat step 6 with new fix VorteX_87VX_071102_B75_2020. You'll need a pansat 2700 remote.
Set default keys & reboot box if scramble or bad channel appears


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Here's 2 ways to convert to 2700...last one is a newer way just released yesterday..

Ariza 700 To Pansat 2700 Jtag Conversion
Ok folks here is the conversion for the ariza 700 to pansat 2700...
Now it is a USE AT OWN RISK ....To start you will need the files provided in thread... Also if you not good with jtag do not try ..
Step 1 Read the instructions provided with jtag info.....( a must)
Step 2 when done with jtagging do not turn off machine unhook jtag
Step 3 open up gt rom loader 27.02 and load pansat 2700 factory bin..
Step 4 load the B75_m fileNow when machine done loading it will reboot do not turn off let it show 8"s goin across then stops on last 8 for roughly 30 sec..
now turn off from back and set up loader...When loader ready turn on from back and at first sign of light hit fix on loader..Do this process for all files...
Step 5 open up BL 1.3 loader and load jvvh 209 file
Step 6 load jvvh 209 file
Step 7 load on the jvvh 211 file
Step 8 load the jvvh 217 file
Step 9 load the jvvh 220 ( the whole time using the BL 1.3 loader)
Step 9 Do blind scans of sats.What u will notice is that your display shows 8's on it dont worry about it at this point just enjoy and watch t.v........And yes your ariza remote will work on this conversion......

These are new and reported to be working well

[link removed]

latest conversion v1.5 with skymax


This package has skymax included with the much simpler option to use skymax and the other method is also included for those who have had problems with skymax.

[link removed]

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[link removed]
Ariza - Pansat conversion Instructions
Ariza to Pansat instructions with links to files.

Converting Ariza 700 to Accept Pansat files

What you need:
Ariza 700 or a 750 converted too a 700.
Jtag cable, buy it (check ebay for FTA Jtag Cable) or make it.(Check file section)
There is a wealth of info here at the site on making and using Jtag.

Philips screw driver
Wall Program
Skymax program (Jkeys if necessary contained in aairon`s conversion)
Serial null modem cross over cable.
Pansat Loader (Contained in the file when downloaded)
Latest Pansat Converted file:
Patients, the faster you go the more troubles your likely to have.

1: Open the STB and find the Jtag Port connector/Pads, and open Skymax and select the file "ARIZA 700 ONLY(29LV160) - Full2.bin" file, and jtag it to the STB.
File found here: [link removed]

2: Download the latest clone safe Pariza XXX JAZ. Bin, and download it to the STB, through the serial port.
File found here; [link removed]
Note, all files from here on can be downloaded through the serial port.

1: Installing the Pansat Factory Flash
"ARIZA 700 ONLY(29LV160) - Full2.bin"

a: Connect the jtag cable to the PC Printer port.
b: connect the other end to the STB jtag port
c: plug in and turn on the switch in the back.
d: Open wall and OK the Error it gives to continue.

Note there are all kinds of errors that can begin to occur at this point, but if I try to cover them here this would become a book that never gets finished. So If you have problems take it to the forums and not PM`s.

e: Open Skymax, select LTP Port ,2meg then hit Start.
f: Hit erase 3 time, wait for it to finish each time inbetween.
g: Select file "ARIZA 700 ONLY(29LV160) - Full2.bin" then hit write.
h: Wait till the file completely downloads and skymax says finished.
i: Turn the unit off with the switch in the back and unplug the jtag.
j: The unit will know take a serial load of convert files.

2: Downloading The Converted file:

a: Turn the unit on, if all went well to here a 8 should move across the display, then all 8`s should show up.
b: Open the loader and select the new the bin 263 (263 at the time of writing this) in the pan4ar directory.
c: As usual select the right comport and hit download. At times it may take a minute to start, just be patient.
d: After a download set up the STB set GMT and scan sats.

Note: The unit is now a for the most part is now a Cloned Pansat-C 2700. The front display does not work correctly, shows 8888. The Ariza remote will still work as before.

Reading the following link should help with everything from buy a jtag to setting it up to installing files and troubles shooting.
[link removed]

Jtag section has all files and drawings for jtagging, any of the pansat jtag post are the same for the Ariza the only difference is where the port is located on the board.
[link removed]

All Files needed for conversion packaged together, thanks to Jaynjolie.
[link removed]

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which recever is the best?
I want to buy.

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Take your pick..all good and USB ready..and fast new file releases..

Sonicview 4000
Conaxsat Mini
CW 700s
Viewsat Ultra

heres good places to buy

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If you are buying a new receiver:

If you live in USA, buy from an American online dealer or store.

If you live in Canada, buy from Canadian online dealer or store.

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Thanks a lot LK and Nalin Nyda.
your so help ful
I live Toronto
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