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DN down on 61.5!!!Nalin Nyda4
Missing CBN channelPlymouth22
What FTA reciever to BuyDrMunna4
Bev blackout on VS .Oscar11
Punjabi Channel (622) showing GKABOOM devin16
Is DN down?African3
What older echostar receivers are working for dish?Fred Flintstone1
Bev down on sv1000Nalin Nyda4
Echostar 7 (119 West) & Anik F3 (118.8 West)Nalin Nyda10
Missing geo nw, zeetv, ary world on vs proNalin Nyda6
I need help for zee gujaratiNalin Nyda17
Need help with Eagle Star Flu converted to 2700Nalin Nyda3
Vs extreme not workingDoreen19
!!!!!!! HeLp Need help loading bin n my viewsat2000 platinumDoreen9
Viewsat extremesunil13
8psq moduleRick Lance3
New KeysYukon4
MECM DETECTED IN STREAM Expect downtime soonTiger Woods8
Noobi help......bruce l14
118.7 from 119.......Plymouth11
Suddenly ... "No Signal"METALLICA2
SonicView 1000 EPG ProblemSam12
Pansat 2700 helpFREE TVer3
MH1 Punjabi channel is it available on 148..METALLICA7
This for SADA need help plzThe $mart 1!18
MUFTThe $mart 1!1
Missing channelsMoises1
Tell me if you don't like it...... funny fu*c*king joke...The $mart 1!2
Help with my new VS Ultra, please.zulu4
Missing Channel 573 - Dishnetsandy6
CLONES!!!The $mart 1!10
3500 jtagrik26
Digiwave 7000carburo5
Scrambled or Bad ChannelJawalla28
NHL channel on BEVkris2
Power adapter for dp34 switchftakey29
Desi Dhaaga....inderpaldhanoa3
FTA PVR helpPhil Furtado8
Need help loading bin n my Captiveworks 600S.African18
DP34 and FTA?Phil Furtado3
Cs 8000,8100 fixes now availableRTAP1
Signal interference in different receievrs.Nalin Nyda18
Recen DN ChangesTamara2
"Newbies & Spammers"newfie3
LNB question?Luis Baez3
Satopia_Beta_V03_FULL EMU Nalin Nyda5
Looking for MH! ??Nalin Nyda7
Who is showing standard 20 20 match b.w england and newzeland..African12
VS ULTRA: Need to correct code menu plz!!!!!:-(...dafi9
Nfusion better disconnect them boys Paul1
Nalin--please clarifysam26
Viewsat wont accept new binMad Flea3
CaptiveWorktony pandy2
"President of the USA"The $mart 1!21
Sv4000 freezes as deleting unwanted channles ....devin5
Hd best setupLOUWHO313
Channel names???3rdGuyOnTheLeft1
B3v channelsNalin Nyda8
Need help for converted pansat?Nalin Nyda2
Pansat 2700 helpNalin Nyda2
CaptiveWorks 600 premium freezingbruce l6
DssrookieThe Undertaker9
Do you need a file? or a bin?mclinkus4
Nalin help pleaseNalin Nyda4
Whats the difference between file and bin ?Hawaiian_time21
Is CaptiveWork working?Donald Trump11
Is Nfusion up?Subash27
Congrats to smart for being a gold member..bruce l38
Captive work 600s Premium (Serial port vs USB)bruce l20
Scoop On Homesat?African4
2700A/E downloading bin problem PLEASE HELPvinny c6
Nalin Help Please : B..7..5terry35
HELP, URGENT my viewsat ultra has green lite syndrom, what do I do?Nalin Nyda13
Moving to 61.5The One20
I am bored...any jokes..psychmonster32
Need help for 3500SDwakenbake8
Need helpzulu4
For the guys at crazyfta psychmonster19
DN Receivers VS. FTA Receivers in Qualitywesey tallant2
I can't load the bin on my Captiveworks 600S.Keller27
Aag on 148???????The One8
Need helpThe $mart 1!14
New York Giants wins Super Bowl 2008Hawaiian_time40
CS_247_Light_100t_series_ serial bin FLU & 2500 to 2700 Nalin Nyda41
Moving to 61.5Tamara19
ARIZA 700Vasu16
Need help please for pansat 2500a N2 converted to 2700Nalin Nyda3
All dishnetwork viewsat filesThe Coders2
Is there a bin for pansat clone yetlucky2
Remote not working with CS 248Tpsychmonster15
How we can find out if the file is ligit ?devin8
Yes Remote work with CS 248Tdave patel1
Pansat cone 2700 (Not converted)Viswaa Dure4
Working 248 JVVH bin--Pansat 2500 converted to 2700Donald Trump2
Need help pleaseRTAP2
Jvvh 248 Joe20
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