Anyone had problem with vs9000hd


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I just Load the new Bin 1/18/08 and 90% the channel they not working. Black screen.
Thank you.

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did you do a hard boot ? (turn box on and off from back after loading bin????)

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With new Bin's being released so often so many of you are losing channels during the updating process.. To save alot of time I thought I would post a few suggestions of what you should do before or during the updating process every time you upload a new bin in your receiver.

I do this each time and never have any data loss I just do it this way, in this order, and watch tv seconds after putting the new bin in my receiver not after fighting my receiver for hours or day's.


#1 BEFORE you disconnect your receiver from the TV make a note of ALL antenna settings for every Satellite you can receive. You could do this ANYTIME so its done. I have it all in nice text DOC in my computer.

#2 Download the new bin from the "home" forum for your receiver. Never pay for free info. Unzip the file and place it inside a folder on your computer named "new bin 12-03-09 or whatever the date is.

#3 Go to or wherever on the nett you can get one and get a FRESH UPDATED copy of the satfile. Place this file inside that folder you made today.

#5 Use the Loader Program or USB drive to copy the channnel list FROM your receiver to the computer. Place that file indise the folder you made today.

#6 Use the loader Program or USB drive to install the new bin, satfile, and Channel List from the folder you made today.

#8 Connect your receiver back to TV, LNB and whatever else you normaly do.

#9 Using you notes make sure all settings are the same as before in each satallite you can receive in antenna settings.

#10 Turn it to a sat and if need be let it autoroll. Sometimes this step takes 3 min sometimes 10. If you interrupt it by changing channels it will take longer so just let it roll.

#11 Watch tv. Be thankfull it works.

#12 After using the receiver for a while go to the "home" forum for you receiver and report any Bug's or thank the coders for their hard work.

Yes their are a few extra steps here than what some people will say do they do but when these steps are done they save ALOT of time and energy fixing trouble after a data loss. I have 17 sat's scanned with 2700 channels it would take me about 5 hours to get everything back the way I like it. I am sure others will jump here and say stuff like "I never do all that and I never have troube" That is fine I am just saying if you do this you will not have trouble due to data loss or settings being wrong. It takes me about 5 min to do this each time so its not a big deal.


Loader2 User Guide

"Loader2" can download the firmware from PC to STB.

1. Install "Loader2" to your PC.
3. Connect "NULL MODEM CABLE" between PC and STB.
4. Run "Loader2" on PC.
5. Run the "Tool->Configuration" menu and select serial port what you use.

6. Press "Open File" button and select the file what you want to download.
7. And then press "PC->STB" button.

8. Then selected file will download from PC to STB.

9. When download is complete, you can see below message.
When you see this dialog on PC, STB will start to write flash memory.
Please wait until STB automatically reboot.

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great post!!!!

excellent stuff!!!

exactly....make sure you take advantage of the new abilities of the 9000hd is now able to backup and restore channel lists, sat files, opkeys, bins...etc...

now did you lose channels? or are they not working black screen???

as i said try the hard boot...then double check the autoroll is on and leave it on cnn for a fast autoroll (channel 200)

i can confirm that my 9000hd works perfect on all channels without any problems

good luck

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thanks ya thats the stuff when channels arnt working lol

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hi smart are u still there..

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im smart


can i help you sada?

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Ok this procedure sounds good. Can I ask what is the home forum for viewsat9000? I would think they only release factory bins there. Also can you reduce the satfile to contain only satellites you are interested in?
You are most fortunate to have such success with this very buggy VS9000. Are you watching D*** HD channels also? The HD channels on E8 and E5 won't scan in new bin. the transponders they are on are not in the channel scan list and when you enter them manually they show no Q signal. That didn't happen before. The last bin scanned them ok but if you tried to view them they were either black screen some with sound, some with picture and no sound. Then if you change to B*** HD channels that were working then are now black too. A hard reboot fixes this on B*** only .If you go back to D*** HD channels and simply look there. all the problems start again.Also the clock jumps ahead 2 hours randomly when you change satellites . Sometimes when you reboot , all the channels go missing. The list goes on and on. I've tried all these procedures except the one above. I really don't think this is a cure all here. I only started having these problems when this box arrived at my door.It's going back where it came from.
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