Wud u believe it, fix for ariza 700, ya its true


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ya guyzzzzzz

the wait is finally over, ariza is back from dead...the bin came-out last nite....thanx to <mingo>
it works like a breeze, autoroll and all...
international /ppv/ zeesports
i guess hoping against the hope finally paid-off..
our prayers finallly got answered and in-style tooooooo..
wowwww, such a relief...
its good that we did'nt tinkered with the jtag thinggy...
thx and luv to <mingo> once a again,,,
keep-up the good work bro....

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can you tell me from where you get the new bin i want it please

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That's an awesome news. I bought a viewsat bcz ariza was not working at all. But its good for my 2nd room atleast.

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Hi guys, I too DL it from the dsstesterdotcom site however mine isnt working.

Any ideas? Once i have uploaded the file do i need to do a channel scan?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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New ecm. All receivers are down again as of today. Wonder how long before ariza gets their fix this time!

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ye its down after only a few days ..

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for Ariza 700 only
Turn on the receiver.
Press Menu on the remote
Select Parental Control
Enter i2004 as the pin

Go down to Key Menu

Leave the first option ON and change the rest OFF

Press Exit just once

Go down to Nagravision2 , press OK
Press down arrow to select Key Number 00
Press Down arrow to highlight Key Data
Enter new Key Data for Key No: 00

Key data 51 59 51 D3 A5 04 FD 30

59 D7 7D F2 25 D8 29 F3

Press OK button on remote to store and save the changes

then go to Key Number again and by pressing right button just once

change it to 01

Press Down arrow to highlight Key Data

Enter new Key Data for Key No: 01

Key data 93 02 31 E7 E4 0B 20 61

65 2C E8 18 05 3D A0 3C

Press OK button on remote to store and save the changes.
Now press EXIT until you see the picture. (Exit completely out of the menu)


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well it is true second time, they are there @ ftatalk
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