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NOTE: Below is our F.A.Q., before you waste your time and ours by emailing us, we ask that you please read the F.A.Q. as it will probably answer your question. Should your question already be answered below and you still email us, we will just ignore and delete your email.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I still join or pay to join this site even though it is closed?
NO. We will not be accepting any new members nor will we be doing invites. If you did not become a VIP before Aug. 1 you are SOL. We don't care if you were on vacation and/or just now learned of our closure. There will be no exceptions to this so don't waste your time emailing us as it will just get deleted.

But site was barely accessible on the last night so I never got a change to join VIP ?
Unfortunately, we could not have predicted that there would be an ECM on the night we picked to close the site. If you were one of those who waited 'till last minute to join and could not access the site, we are sorry but you will not be able to join. "Should never leave for tomorrow, what you can do today."

I mailed in my VIP donation but I am still seeing the closed message, when will I have access to the site?
If your VIP donation did not reach us by Aug. 1 then it is normal for you to see this closure message. Once we receive and process your donation, the closure message will disappear and you will be able to access the site. Please note that we don't control the post and we don't process mail orders everyday so it could take a few days before you can access the site.

I paid by paypal, which is suppose to be automatic, why am I still seeing the closure message?
The most common reason for this is because you sent us an eCheck via paypal. An eCheck is when you used your bank account as the funding source of payment in paypal. Paypal holds these funds until they clear your bank account. Once the funds are cleared and released to us your account will automatically be switched over to VIP and the closure message will be gone. Your eCheck could and probably will clear your bank account in 1 day, however paypal holds the funds for a longer period. To find out when the eCheck is set to clear, log into your paypal account and look at the details of the transaction, the clearing date is there.

How will I know I am VIP?
Once you no longer see this closure message and see the forums.

I was a VIP member before and I forgot to renew, can I renew now and still have access?
NO, before your VIP access expires we send out an email notifying you. If you didn't bother to renew before it expired, you are SOL. If your VIP expired before you had a chance to renew it you will no longer be able to access this site.

I paid for vip with paypal, it was not an eCheck and I still don't have access?
If you are positive that you should be a VIP member but don't have access. Please forward us your paypal receipt/proof of payment and we will look into it. Contact Us


Well the time is finally here for us to fade away quietly into the night. On behalf of Team Evolution and all the VIP Members that will be coming with us I want to thank every tester who ever graced the forums of DssEvolution. You guys helped build DssEvolution into one of the largest satellite testing sites on the net. It is with great sadness that our doors will no longer be open to everybody but unfortunately we feel it is time for us to Evolve once more and hide in the shadows. We wish everybody lots of luck and hope you find another testing site you can call home.


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Any site who advetises that they went "UNDERGROUND" and wants a Donation every month is a SCAM!

what.... U don't think that the authorities will know about them?...LMAO

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it's true . i felt this time lot of site are trying to play the game of overloaded server. this way they can get money from poeple by getting what they call vip membership.
it never happen in the past that all of them at once stop access to their data . still up to now eveyone is giving no access but few .

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Oley crap batman! For once we all agree!

Any decent site would atleast allow access to files ,and shut down the forums.But its a greed thing now.Some sites I contributed to by helping the members that did this stunt, I will no longer support.

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And we all know who they are!
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