Newbie Satellite and Cable question


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Ampang, KL Malaysia

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Can someone let me know whats the difference between the two?

Never had cable before either since I am always out and around the place.

But now since I work mostly at home, I was thinking of getting it installed.

Whats local programming by the way?

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Adger - If you are talking about subs then you need to compare prices of what you pay for what you get and make the decision yourself.

Cable hardly ever goes out while sat systems will every now and then due to weather.

But again, if you are talking about a subscription then only you will know what's availabe in your area and for how much.

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Cable means the cable company has huge dishes, where they pay for and catch the signals and then pipe them to your home via cable (wires) and charge you for the service.
Satellite service means you, the user put up a sifnal catching dish and pay for whatever channels you want to view.
FTA means you install a larger dish and get signals that are Free To Air and view free TV.
You can also get free TV using and Arial and catching the channels that are avaialble locally - that is local TV.
All this applies mostly to North America. Out in the east there are giants such as Sony entertainment and Zee Network and you get TV broadcasts in competitition with your own governement free TV broadcasts.

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Hey Chase
To make a long story short.
All around you best bet is to go with
Dish Network Satellite Service.
In the future you can do alot with satellite,
but not with cable.

BTW if you go with satellite you will
have a reason to return.

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Yes Adger, just have to keep reading and you will soon see what the amazing world of satellite tv has to offer!

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Local programming is the local stations available in your community. It is the ones you could pick up if put an antenna on your roof or had rabbit ears.

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Adger Chase
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Username: Adgerc
ampang , KL

Are you looking for information about TV in North America or in Malaysia?

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im from malaysia.. i just move here

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btw thanks for the info guys
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