Where can i find the clone files for pansat 2500 ?


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plz tell me where can i find those files it would be nice and the loader too... if you have time plz give me the how to on how to put the file into my reciever thanks in advance!

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What receiver? No clone files released as of yet. Give it about a day or so...

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go to al7bar.com, register and surf a while there, you will find files and how to's.......

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1. You will need a 9 pin F/F cable - for Pansat 2500 and clones it is a staight DB9 RS232 cable.
2. Download the BIN. Unzip it using winzip.exe
3. Download BL Updater 1.4
4. disconnect the cable from the LNB or Switch coming into your receiver.
5. Keep the receiver off and connect the DB9 cable to the receiver and computer.
6. Start (Run) BL Updater. Default COM1 should be OK in most case, but if it does not work you can change it to COM 2.
7. Select BIN and get the Bin ready in the window for uploading.
8. Turn your receiver on from the back and allow it to complete its BOOT Sequence.
9. Once you see the "ON" on the front display, turn it off from the front.
11. Now commence your download and wait until it is completed and the receiver has shut off and powered back on.
12. Disconnect the receiver, connect it to the LNB or Switch and turn it on.
13. Let the autoroll work - if it does not, turn autoroll off. Make sure the time and zone settings are correct. If necessary, install the keys manually.
14. Scan your satellite if necessary.

It is very imprtant that you follow these in order to avoid getting night rider lights!

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All these sites ALWAYS have the latest files, bins, how to's, manuals, guides, dish pointing calulators and tips, hardware info, jtag info, newbie and getting started sections, actively moderated with a no troublemakers and no bashing allowed policy.. and are free, and only require a simple free registration...Your email info is kept private, unless U specify differently..and U will be notified via email of any replies to any questions U may ask (or U can shut that feature off, if U like)..and your IP is sacred and never released..

Some of these specialize in particular FTA receivers as noted next to their links..

If U want real info, trouble free, no costs, friendly help, no hassles, latest files and manuals, then use these...these are well established, and have a long history, and are the best known sites throughout the entire DSS community for many years now...

Ecoustics is NOT a Dss site, since is has NO files, no manuals, no guides, little info, no specific categories, and is almost impossible to find anything because every thread here has been allowed to be hijacked (because no mods are active) and the Subject does not relate to the posts within it....also Ecoustics is basically an Electronics site for home audio, television, DVDs, stereo's, and things of that nature, NOT FTA satellite information

So again I highly recommend using ANY of these sites in this first post!....U pick one and use it for fast , friendly info and files, and many of these also have a LIVE chat area what U can get an IMMEDIATE response from a reliable knowlegeable sources!...U will save yourself much time, especially if you are a newbie to this hobby!...and most all also will have the latest keys posted as well, and the keymaster, keyripper, key grabber utility files to download as well....and if plastic is your thing , some also have an area for that as well as FTA..Good Luck and enjoy this hobby!

Final Solution Free To Air:
[link removed] (C00LSAT and All receivers)
DSS Newbies:
[link removed] (Pantecs,all clones and all receivers)
[link removed]

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These are all LK Free Zones. Nobody will talk badly to you, guaranteed. Full of helpful members and staff.


For a list of the top Fifty sites

http://www.dsscommunity.c*om/forums/ (All Receivers)
http://www.dsscentral.n*et/ (All Receivers)

It's interesting after doing a Whois, most of the above blocked sites are hosted on the same server..Which is located overseas.. If it's so called safe... WHY! have the owners of the sites paid to have their identity blocked from public view.... They can't be hiding from [Big Brother]. They said it was safe overseas?

I can only think they hiding from the FTA community from fear of public persecution. Because of all the skelton's in the closet.

I can't speak for the rest of the pepople gheypixboi has listed. I can say, I myself have no finacial association with any site I have ever listed.. I have only found them to be friendly and informative.. I have also found them to be free of the scum associated with this hobby.

LK (Warthhog) and the people he runs with are in the business of selling STB's. Most people after spending a little time on a site LK and the bozo crew have listed over and over can see for themselves what the true motivation behind the sites are..

The sites I have posted are sites that don't allow the likes of LK and his scamming cronie crew.


But newbies don't know any better and are the ones that end up paying the price. All I'm saying is lets not misslead people in false safety when the risks are greater if your home base of operations is in the United States.

You scammers keep saying new sites based in the USA are not safe because of Yada Yada Yada..

Yet you all have posted information such as Dish Keys etc on here.. Knowing Ecoustics is hosted in the USA..

This has placed you at the risk base upon your own claims of how to play it safe.

Your attempts to place fear in the minds of members of the FTA Community with this garbage just shows you have alternitve motifs with your bashing of the new sites and it's nothing but pure garbage.
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