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Do I need to load hex codes into the VS2000? I see new keys, but I do not have a CODE option in my menu?

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Here's how to change them in your ViewSat:

Viewsat line 08 and 09 for Idea Key 0 and lines 88 and 89 for Idea key 1


LEFT arrow until "Dish" displays in the top line

DOWN arrow x 2

RIGHT arrow x 1 puts you on the 2nd line of numbers with "08" in the first column;
you start punching in the below at the 2nd column ("C3" as of 11-04-05)

"Text" key + "2" = "F2", RIGHT arrow

"9" + "8" = "98", RIGHT arrow

"7" + "4" = "74", RIGHT arrow

"4" + "4" = "44", RIGHT arrow

"1" + "F3" key = "1C", RIGHT arrow

"6" + "5" = "65", RIGHT arrow

"7" + "7" = "77", RIGHT arrow

"F4" key + "8" = "D8", RIGHT arrow ...

finishing the top line
You should have the highlighted box in the first column of the 2nd row on top of "08"

DOWN arrow, RIGHT arrow to the 2nd box in the 3rd row

"1" + "7" = "17, RIGHT arrow

"LAST CHANNEL" key (below "9" key) + "3" = "E3", RIGHT arrow

"LAST CHANNEL" key (below "9" key) + "1" = "E1", RIGHT arrow

"1" + "F4" key = "1D", RIGHT arrow

"8" + "9" = "89", RIGHT arrow

"4" + "LAST CHANNEL" key = "4E", RIGHT arrow

"5" + "3" = "53", RIGHT arrow

"4" + "5" = "45", RIGHT arrow

EXIT, "YES" to save

EXIT to TV screen and watch tv

This puts the PRETEND KEYS into the 08 & 09 KEY lines.

If you need to put KEYS into the 88 & 89 KEY lines... do above and substitute 88 for the "08" line and 89 for the "09" line.


For Those that have ViewSat and are having problem with the new Dishnet's the answer.

press menu
then - installation
code is 0000 or 0937
then go to--code
then go to- nagra
Dish 01 01 00

00- B4 ED 24 E3 BC C1 82 69 ???? maybe old Naga1 keys
08--AF 0C BD 48 D8 51 6D DC ...Idea key 0
09--FE 44 D6 0C A3 6E 59 42 .............
88--FB D9 F2 D9 D6 C9 EF 7A ...Idea key 1
89--57 AD 32 24 67 42 6C E6 .............

Simply put DN idea key 0 into 08-09, and put Idea key 1 into 88-89....

If you don't fix the problem changing the keys is because your version is developing an error as soon as you change slot 08 and this case install v1024 (.pgm) using loader 2.
(the file is here)
(If you need loader 2 then go to here)
The instruction are included..... enjoy. let me know if your watching tv!!

BTW...all keys posted above are ONY SAMPLES....and are old, not working keys..

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BTW...the "hex" code is the "ops code" file which has the latest keys...but U must find the latest ops code file...but U don't need that if U just manually enter the DN and Bev keys yourself manually as instructed in above post..

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LK, what on your oppinion will be a reliable FTA box after all those ECM's left and right. viewsat? pansat? cooolsat?

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there is a VSkey 1.4 the software give the latest keys and create a "ops" for you.

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U need to describe " reliable"...Viewsat is a great box for FTA, better than Pansat or Coo*lsat as far as picture clarity, speed and remote...If "reliable" means will last longest with hacking DN and Bev, I think when its over, its over for all of them..obviously Viewsat, the last 2 ECM's have already proven themselves with the first fix out, so they have a stronger commitment to hacking...
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