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Hello all, I just got a cool sat 5000 and I am new. I'd like to know which apps should I use to load the bin. Is there procedure/step or link available. Thanks friends.

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For now, your cool sat 5000 will make a nice door stop or maybe a booster seat if you have kids. There is no working bin to load right now. We've been waiting for a new one for about 3 weeks now. So for now just wait and read these lame posts in this forum.

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That is right. You can use your Sat 5000 for FTA only currently. Enjoy your time .... till the update

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Hi thanks for the reply. Should I try to reset the factory? or load any bin before I can use the box. BTW, I am connecting to BEV 91.

Is there any first before try to load any bin? Can you give me some pointers to get the bin?


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Also makes a good bum warmer if you plug it in and sit on it on those cold days.

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u need to download latest bin from bell ev vu if there is any

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The new bin is not released due to complains from wifes and childrens that their fathers sit and watch pron and won't take them out for camping or picknics. so the receiver manufacturer decided not to release bin till start of winter.......

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c**lsat had an update about an hour ago
Knock Knock


Who is there.
NorWest who?
Nowest with a card reader soultiion that may just work. lol

Honestly here is what we are doing we are still working on the final fix but in the mean time starting with CS4000 owners that have a cardreader you will be able to pop in a certain card and get tv rolling.

More details to be forth coming as we are still prefecting the interworkings. Look for a update later on tonight. There are many kinds of card sharing soultions out there but this one we think is the best so far.


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c/p from c**lsat site

The implementation of some unknown maprom routines from deep inside the rom102 has made it necessary
To "slave" or "aux" the card similar to what was done with emulation during the H and Hu days.

This is being done while a cardless solution is worked on.

While we know that not everyone has an "open" Rom102 to aux, the C**lSat hackers decided that at least a partial solution is better than no solution.

Borrowing some test code from a very talented card coder (We will leave his/her name out for anonymity sake)
We have implemented an "aux" card that is completely safe from the stream so there are no worries about the Card receiving any damage from malicious code.

Testers can get this working now by writing the "AuxCard.bn102" to an open rom102 and inserting it into a
C**lSat receiver that has a card slot that is active, along with reprogramming the stb with our new code.

The C**lSat hackers that collectively hacked the box and have now implemented an "aux" card want the folks with C**lSat receivers to know that if there is a way to provide a solution, short or long term, it WILL be done.
Enjoy life, enjoy each other, and now, enjoy some TV.

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Bunch of BS from Co*lsat but it's a start I have to get started to fix my STB. Thanks for the info MR GVP.

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can someone help me so that i can watch tv i'm in tortola and the guy who does my box left on a month vacation
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