New VIEWSAT bin DBPSW_060714beta_PLATINUM.pgm


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As I wrote here a few days ago the bin would be ready in a few days however there is nothing as of today for the pansats and fortecs. The current file for the plantinum is still buggy at best. There is video and there is sound but it goes away after a few minutes and the remote often freezes up, quite good for a first test but nothing to offer your customers from a dealer standpoint. Don't get your hopes up because this is not ready for the public. I'm hoping by Sunday there will be an improved bin and someting from BL's side.

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Here is some of tdgs and viewsat crap so i dont think anybody is holding there breath But im sure itll be here bye next weekend.. LOL

C/P from F2ATV
6/21 Well, it definitely won't take weeks, I'm figuring hours
6/21Fixes will come quickly for those already using a full dump in their flash.
6/22 I think we should see something by morning
6/22 I figured it would be tuff, and its looking like 48 to 72 hrs, best guess.
6/23 There is no time for fix specified.
6/23 soon people, soon They are saying by morning, maybe tonight
6/23 MAP is now known and the fix will come tomorrow sometime
6/24 If they get this by tonight, I'll be very surprised myself
6/24 NO JOKE!! It may be more than the 24 hrs Mr.V said, but he has never lied to me, and he says WE WILL HAVE A SOLUTION SOON!
6/25 I've been told I will have a file to release tomorrow
6/26 I'm almost positive VS will be first now, and maybe in a few hrs. your wait will be over
6/26 Coder is awake and will finish this up in the next few hrs
6/26 As soon as he wakes up we should see the finished product the same day. I think it will be Wednesday (Korea time) and our time will (hopefully) be by noon Tuesday.
6/26 It is coming soon.. be patient
6/26 It'll be here when he's done and WE WILL HAVE IT FIRST
6/28 It'll get here when it gets here
6/28 can take 3 weeks to develop a flash.. He is going to try 1 other thing, before he gives up and starts a new rewrite.
6/29 A realistic time frame for a fix will be anywhere from 3-5 days
6/29 50/50 for a fix by the end of this weekend is what I meant
6/30 You WILL see FTA respond to the latest ECM, and soon...
7/1 I still believe we MAY see something as early as the 4th or 5th
7/3 I believe they will hit the combination of the lock soon
7/5 they have just 1 more layer to get thru and we should be good to go
7/6 We'll most likely see a release from someone soon (maybe even by the weekend).
7/7 (by Viewsat) We hope to finish by end of next week; this one is not going to be temp,,,, fix but full fix; look for TDG update as we are busy working.......
7/9 For the first time, the combination of engineers working on this is shocking. VS's main coder is getting alot of outside help now, and next week we should see solutions for FTA as well as other testing devices

.......and now the latest one..........

7/12 I will not give a time, I will not give any more info. The call just came! I am a happy camper, I can at least tell you that!
We need to import some crow, I can tell you that! There's NOT enough in N.A. to go around!

Boy the sh!ts getting high in here better grab a life jacket

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Thankyou Hank, but you can see why everyone will continue to be just a little bit skeptical about your claim. I do hope something comes up this weekend.

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thanks for the updates

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Me too.

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Why don't you guys get drunk and sleep that way you can dreem about fix .
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