Pansat 2700- diseqc switches, lnb's help!


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OK I just set this up. i was able to downlod the 272 BIN with no problem. My issue is that i only get a few crappy channels. Is it MY setup or is DN down for everyone and we are all waiting?

another issue= i am confused about lnb's and diseqc switches. If i want to use the simplest setup, could i just plug a single lnb directly into my reciever and avoid that switch? how would i set that up in the antenna section? (none, #1 #2 #3)

I would appreciate a quick guide to all that jazz. like if i have dual lnbs, do i have to plug one into #1 switch and the other into #2 switch input and then set up the menu accordingly (#1, #2) I am using a current dn 18 dish that was working when i had DN.

sometimes, i have no signal. many scrambled channels.

whats the EASY hassle free way? one lnb, no switch, one bird. please advise



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Yup, Dishnetwork is Currently down on pretty much every channle (Some local channels still work tho)

Well, the DISEQC switch is the easist thing to use...
1. Make sure you are getting signal from an LNB
2. Plug the wire from the lnb to any of the inputs.
3. In your Anattana setup, choose which satallite you signal from
4. Then, choose the number of the switch you put the LNB in Earlier....
There you go, hope i helped....If you want to learn more about instlation, read within this forum, there are alot of helpfull Things you can learn from here....

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NOTHING WRONG WITH YOUR SET-UP. DN Channels are disappearing one by one. Even locals channels are going out the past few days. No "Fix" update. Subscribe TV if you're desperate.

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You don't need a diseqc switch, since you are using just one LNB. LNB connected straight to receiver. On your antenna set-up, diseqc setting is set to "OFF". But like I said, most channels are GONE.

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People make BIG deals about switches..they are very SIMPLE..thhe hardest part is knowing which switch to use, which all depends upon if you are using FTA or Dishnet receivers, and if you are using Dish Pro LNB's..and how many receivers and LNB's..

The switch simply combines ALL your LNB's and satellite signals into 1 signal that each receiver can understand..

All you do is (in the menu..antenna installation) tell the reciver what switch you used and which LNB (satelllite) you plugged into which input port of that then the receiver will have no problems understanding what signals are coming in, how to receive them, and where they should be in the EPG and receiver..

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Eric: I must point out that the latest valid BIN is 277 and not 272. You would get at least some channels with this BIN. The BIN would be dated aroung 8-10 June.
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