First FTA virus ! Alert !


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From another site someone wrote.....

Theres a new virus around and is the first virus specifically related to FTA boxes ! After Melissa, Nimda, Blaster and Sobig hit computers across the world in the past, comes now the latest threat "TeeDeeGee".

The virus also has some variants and can propagate itself under the names "HunkySpunky" or "Veracity" and at this time, only Macfee has announced the most commom problems :

- the virus will spread rumors about non existant fixes for VS
- the virus will post bogus information about development of fta boxes
- the virus might also set deadlines that are never met, for new releases
- the virus can generate fake videos
- the virus tries to dump existing stock of of some fta boxes

Most of the symptons are hard to be detected by noobs, and generally do not run for more than 48 hours, but this incubation period can be extended to an unknown amount of time, until someone finds a solution to current fta problems, so that the virus can copy it and keep posting across different forums about VS' edge on (copying) fta technology.

At this time, there no known cure for this virus (unless his accound is deleted from the forums) but it's believed that the virus will not be active at all times, normally emerging only when sales drop to levels below the expected.

If you think your fta box has been infected with "TeeDeeGee", you should simply ignore the posts created by the virus and let it sit dormant. It will go away for a little while, but will sure come back again in the future. No one can totally get rid of TeeDeeGee at this time.

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Dang I wish I would of known that yesterday before I loaded that last bin, me thinks me has it.

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Hey Doireen you forgot 2 mention that the virus came out the TV screen & ate BL, then went back to the sat stream and ate the rest of the coders, and in the end when it was published on the Newspapers, scoby-doo unmasked the monster, turning out 2b the FBI in parnertship with the charlie angels, working for Dave.

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Guys U REALLY need your TV. U all are going up the wall.......

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No comment...

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