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I have Directv with a standard receiver and regular crt tube tv 36'. I had my dish moved from the roof to the side of the building from a tech. My signal strength is between 97 to 100. I noticed there are coaxial couplers used in three different places from the dish to the receiver. I noticed now there are more artifacts (compression) on my tv, after using the couplers. Does using the couplers have anything to do with my picture quality now? Would appreciate any help on this, thanks!

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Depending on what you mean by couplers, but know this, every time you splice and then reconnect two cables you will lose signal strength.

I'm going by memory here so I may be off a bit...
Splitters (2 way) usually lose 3 db of signal.
Splitters (3 way) lose 3 db on port one and 6 db on ports 2 and 3.
100 feet of rg6 will lose about 3 db of signal.
What I call couplers (those are just female/female joiners that connect two pieces of cable) lose the least, not even close to 1 db.

So, if you have three different splitters on a 100 foot piece of cable you will lose close to 12 db of signal, which would certainly contribute to some picture quality loss. 3 db for each splitter (total 9) and 3 db for the length of cable.
Not to be overlooked in all of these should be your connectors (rg6 cable ends), poor installation can also lead to signal loss.

Gold things are couplers, silver is a splitter..

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The couplers that are used are same as the gold ones but, they are silver. I like to thank you for your kind help on this, thanks!
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