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Charlie Status:

-> All is well other than TP changes. A simple rescan will solve that if your auto TP is not up to snuff.

DN Update: (5/27/06) There are reports of fake key packets being sent in the stream again. We shall see if the newer fixes will help...if not, you may have to turn the Aotoroll OFF again.

Bev Status:

Bell has taken down (Again) the "Adult" & "PPV" ch's. (Black Screen) So far those are the only ch's they took down, there might be more.

-> There's no fix yet for this problem except for the Rom 102 cards

Status of Coders:

-> Do you really expect a status report from them? Get real

Autoroll Status:

-> On 05/24/06 the providers were messing with the autoroll, either you were getting invaild keys or your "Method" was not autorolling.

• The temp solution was to shut autoroll OFF and manually enter keys. For makes and flashes that do not have the option to shut off the autoroll, simply flashing with an older non-autoroll bin would suffice (yes, manually enter new keys)
• Fixes are now available for most stb's. Check the files forum that pertains to your stb.
• If you don't see a fix for your "Testing Method" then you need to wait or use the temp option for the time being.

Need to calm things down here as you can already see this past week. During times like this everyone "comes out" & starts posting multiple threads about the same topics / subjects. Everyone needs to take a second & READ the current threads on what's going on.

Think before typing


-> During peak times when there is a lot of activity on the site. If you do not see a solution, then check back later. If everyone simply lurks on the site waiting for a fix, then the people that actually have them, cannot log on to post them. This happened this week. At that point you becaome part of the problem and not the solution.

2500 = 275
2700 = 271
3500 = 351

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