DirecTV is Hacked & has been for a long time


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DirecTV is hacked and as been for a long time...

Check it out here!!!

And click on;
Programmers (Loaders)Mikobu III

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Well, a few things about the site that I noticed.
First, it's copyright on most of the programmer pages is listed at 2005. Last time I checked we're almost halfway through 2006.
Second and most alarming is the words 'No Longer in use' printed just under the price on all Hu Cards and Loaders.
Always read the fine print.

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I have read some interesting stuff at cardcoders about dtv cards I still think there running in circles but very interesting

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You got it.!!!!!!!!!!


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This information I copied it from another forum I hope its right plz any one can test and comment


FULL STORY off irdeto2 hacking:

Well I Use the HU Programmer who is used for Cracking Videoguard 2.
U ask what's the relation between Videoguard & Irdeto II /There's no relation at all But the Videoguard Programmer is a very Smart Programmer and by the explication you know how...

First I've adjust Programmer for Irdeto .
when you open the software of the Programmer (you can downloaded From the net but it not work on any programmer it's specified for HU Programmer)
the software named "EXTREEM HU" when you run the program immediately
ask you for inserting smart card " INSERT SMART CARD" when you put the smart card automatically the program begin to detect the ATR of the card if there no error & -of course not- begin attempt time to read Eeproon then I save it on my local hard disk Drive. Then I put the copy card same operation when finished to read eeproom .I open the saved eeproom & put on card & Succefuly work.

The copy card open the first 15 days Full bouquet ART+SHOWTIME after the 15 day the channel wish subscripted on the master card stay for 1 year or 6 months (day of charge the master card)

the only Problem is: you must have an Original Irdeto II Smart card From Showtime or Art or Nova ... EXPIRED OR NEW.
now I try to Applied the program of the original card on a wafer card one time work on wafer card about 7 hours then close & did not work I say on Wafer card But on Showtime & Art Expired Card no Problem at all.

More Information soon

these uniloopers are used and sold in North America were they have successfully hacked merdocks VIDEO*ARD2. with the new types of encryption today this seems to be the next phase, were you would need to use an expired original card or a bootloader which is like a card that fits in to the satbox card slot and the other end of the card is a serial cable that goes on to comm port of pc.

For more info you need to see DSS UNDERGROUND, only problem is if you order a programmer with are of the highest quality build will it get through customs and excise??????


So there's some info


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If Irdeto can has been cracked, it's only time until DTV is too.

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Not in your life time it won't.
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